Super Mario Odyssey [Post-Game Review]


Since its release, Super Mario Odyssey has gotten amazing reviews! Scoring 10/10 or a solid 9.5 all across the board, it’s a game that people are STILL talking about. If you read my initial review of the main campaign, I mentioned writing a blog completely dedicated to the post-game:


So without rambling too much, lets get into the post-game review while you admire the screenshots that I took from my Nintendo Switch!


  • Returning to the Mushroom Kingdom!
    —The Mushroom Kingdom is the first place you visit once post-game begins…and when I said that Mario was nostalgic before, the Mushroom Kingdom amplifies that feeling by a thousand! Here in the Mushroom Kingdom, there are more power moons to collect (shaped like the original power stars), more stickers for your Odyssey, and even more costumes for you to collect! The entire Kingdom is a throwback to Super Mario 64: from the 64-bit costume, to Yoshi being on the roof. The power moons are shaped like the classic power stars, and the courtyard you get into is straight from the N64 game! Even the rematches with bosses you beat throughout the main campaign are accessed through portraits you must jump through!I had so much fun playing through this place because while everything was new, it was also like reliving my childhood all over again. Also, the rematches with former bosses were amazing. They amped up the difficulty giving you a fun way to really show off your skills. Some of the bosses I still found pretty easy…but there were others where I barely survived and/or I had to try to beat them multiple times.Also, finding Yoshi and being able to capture him was really neat, even if it was a bit strange. I am a huge Yoshi fan, and, the fact that they included him in the game had me over-the-moon (get it?)…but whereas I was expecting us to ride Yoshi (maybe like how we ride the Jaxi), I quickly found out that we had to capture him instead. Yoshi controls as he normally does in the 3D platformers. He has his flutter jump and his ground-pound. He can swallow enemies and such…and while he lacks the ability to create and throw eggs, they gave him something new to play with. Yoshi’s tongue now sticks to walls and he can use that to reach new heights in the Mushroom Kingdom. There are some power moons that only Yoshi can reach, and his tongue is needed for eating giant apples that block some pipes that you will need to use in order to do the boss rematches.


  • Achievements?
    —So wait, Nintendo is doing achievements now? Well yes-and-no…
    You see, there is an achievement-system in the game in which completing certain tasks gets you special power moons for your journey. But, it’s not like XBOX or Playstation where you get any sort of ‘score’ for the achievements that you complete. I find this weird since so many little games in Odyssey have you connect to a network in order to rank you, and yet these achievements are just a random addition to get more moons. It’s interesting and it can be fun going out and hunting to get these moons…but ultimately I felt like they could have done a lot more with this feature.


  • New places to travel!
    —Post-game is all about getting more power moons to unlock new things. When I say ‘things’ I mean new costumes for Mario to wear and new places to travel! That’s right, the adventure is not over!!! The more power moons you collect the more you power up your ship in order to visit the “Dark Side of the Moon” and the “Darker Side of the Moon”. There was a fabled 3rd location, but I have yet to see any proof of it existing. Even the Mushroom Kingdom is technically a new place only found in post-game, so, even though the campaign is over, there are still 3 more places for you to roam and explore!


  • The Mysterious Moon Rocks!
    —If you played through the main campaign, you would have noticed the square, metal-like objects in each Kingdom that you visited. They had a strange texture to them and made weird noises as you walked across them. Even Cappy would note how strange they were and how it seemed as though you could not do anything with them for now. Well, once you have beaten the main campaign, these blocks open up and start glowing. Hopping on top of them and giving them a good ground-pound makes them lock-up and shoot off into space, unlocking new power moons that were never there before. These moons get marked on your map so you don’t have to hunt for them, but these are new and challenging puzzles mixed in with new moons hiding across the map. Just something fun and extra, even if I’m not sure what the main result is. But per moon rock, there are 2 moon pipes that will usually show up in a world…and these are all new platforming challenges for Mario to overcome.

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  • Costumes, Costumes, Costumes:
    —Lets be honest: one of the coolest things about Super Mario Odyssey is all the different costumes that Mario can wear. If you played the main game, you know that each Kingdom has its own costume (or two) that can be purchased with the purple currency of that world. Even in the Mushroom Kingdom, they have the 64-bit costume. But, as mentioned before…collecting power moons does more things in the post-game and this includes unlocking new costumes. There are several new costumes that become available for regular coin purchase once you have collected a certain number of power moons. This includes (but is not limited to): Metal Mario, Gold Mario, Bowser and Peach Wedding Set, Wario and Waluigi, Luigi and Diddy Kong garb, and even a skeleton suit for a whopping 9,999 coins!!!

Even after the power moon outfits, the new update for the game (Balloon World) unlocked 3 new outfits for you to buy including Knight’s Armor, Musician Wear, and a Sunshine outfit! All-in-all including world-costumes (and even incomplete costumes like the Hakama and Captain’s hat), there are 45 costumes that Mario can currently wear, and, I wouldn’t be surprised if they created more in the future!


  • New things to do in the Kingdoms!
    —Don’t forget to go back and visit each Kingdom after you have beaten the main campaign! Peach is now traveling the world (since she is safe and all that) and herself and Tiara will give you a power moon when you find them. There is the matter of the mysterious moon rocks to tackle, as well as some fun new things to do! New areas have become available, and I know for a fact that there are doors now open in New Donk City that I was never able to access before I beat the game! There are Koopa Races you can do now as well as other fun games…so go out, explore some more, and see what all new things you can find!


  • Completing your collection!
    —I would not consider myself a completionist by any means, but I do love collecting things in games! While it was never a main mechanic or even necessary by the game’s standards…I LOVED collecting all the different trinkets from the different Kingdoms. So, if you’re like me, then really take a moment in the post-game to complete your collection! There are some areas I think you can get purple coins in that only show up after the main campaign anyways (though I could be wrong). Above is a screenshot of my completed Odyssey (on the inside). I also have every sticker possible on the outside, but that was a lot harder to capture. Also, don’t ask me at what point you get the dog because, I really have no idea…but I adore him!


  • Dark Side boss rush!
    —I was super excited to explore the Dark Side of the Moon because I expected it to be a whole new Kingdom. Rather, what I found was a barren moon with a bunch of those annoying top-hatted rabbits running around it with a massive mountain in the background. This is known as Rabbit Ridge. Turns out this area is a boss rush where you must fight all the Broodals in their home-space. Now you might be thinking: “The Broodals were so easy though.” and you’re right! They WERE easy…but much like the boss rematches in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Broodals have stepped up their game.Not only that, but, because you are fighting them on the Moon, the gravity has changed…making the battles that much harder! But, it gets even harder than that. The Broodals must be beaten one right after the other in order to progress to the top of Rabbit Ridge. There are no places to stop in between battles, there are no checkpoint flags, and there are not any areas to heal until you are at the very top. You must beat all the Broodals (all 4) in order, all in one shot to reach the top- then the big boss battle takes place, and once completed, you are given a multi-moon and a King’s Outfit for completing this challenge!

    This area caused me so much rage…and while it is new and it is a challenge, I never even liked the Broodals to begin with, but I really hate them now. Still, after beating the Broodals, the Dark Side of the Moon reveals hint art that was never there before. There are some moon pipes for getting some more power moons, and a few challenge doors for Mario to try. Other than that, there is not a lot more to be done in this area. You can choose to fight the Broodals again if you so desire, but they offer no more rewards after the first time you fight them.


  • Darker Side rage!
    —The Darker Side of the Moon is an area I had always seen but I had never dared to explore, mainly because the gaming community has dubbed it “impossible”. But Mario’s journey is not truly over until this area has been conquered. This area is for the perfect-precise timing-platformers that get a kick out of games like Kaizo Mario and impossible levels via Super Mario Maker. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but it does test every skill you have learned throughout the game, and the tiniest mistake easily means death. For the casual, it might be a bit overwhelming…and again, it’s not its own Kingdom per-se, rather just a mass of stages meant to test your ability as a player.But I must say that seeing the people gathering around and having Pauline singing for you to cheer you on for the final hurdle was really nice.

    I have heard numerous accounts of people rage quitting this area because of how crazy and insane it is, so pardon me for avoiding it like the plague up until now. As of writing this blog, I have died several times already, and I don’t see myself making it to the end any time soon. But, if you want that extra challenge and you wanna go for the bragging rights, then by all means, unlock this world and have at it. You have my blessing.


  • Balloon World!
    —Recently released on February 22nd, 2018, Balloon World was meant to add something new for players to have fun with while interacting with others from all-over-the-world. A lot of people were excited for the fact that Luigi finally made an appearance in the game- but here is the premise of what Balloon World is:
    You can find Luigi in any Kingdom, and then you choose whether you want to hide a balloon or whether you want to find someone else’s balloon.
    If you hide a balloon, you may only hide one per world and you get some coins if someone finds it. But, if you want to find a balloon…the process is a little different.You are given a certain amount of seconds to find whatever player’s balloon you chose in the menu. The amount of time you are given varies per player you choose (and is based on how long it took them to hide their balloon). If you find their balloon within the time limit, you get rewarded with coins. The faster you find the balloon, the more bonus coins you get and the more points you get towards leveling up your rank.

    Each game costs 10 coins to play, and if you lose, you have to pay another 10 coins to try again. And that’s really all there is to it. Your scores are sent to an online network so that others can see all your scores.

    I will admit that I was a bit disappointed in this feature as I expected it to be a lot different. I thought that enabling Balloon World would make balloons appear all over the Kingdoms en-masse for someone to find. But instead you are hunting one balloon at a time in a very short amount of time. Sure, it gives players something extra to do if they have completed everything else in Super Mario Odyssey…but myself, I honestly found this new feature to be a little boring. I was more excited to get the new costumes, but, to each their own I suppose.


In conclusion, Super Mario Odyssey still has a ton of things to do after you beat the main game! For a game that is only $60, there is a lot of content. Would I say that it has replay-ability? Well yes! Because of all the extra content (finding all the power moons, getting all the achievements, collecting all the costumes, getting all the souvenirs, balloon world, etc)- there is a lot to revisit in this game. But, as far as starting a new game, I really wouldn’t bother. Either way, no matter how you play, the game will always hold the same kind of experience.

I will admit that others found post-game a bit tedious…and to some extent, I had to agree. The most expensive costume cost 9,999 coins which takes 54 minutes at the very LEAST in grinding coins (but only if you know the best places to go), and even with the power moons, there are 999+ to collect, and even once you get them all, all you get for it is a in-game ‘postcard’ (or so I have heard). It’s obvious that Nintendo wants to milk this game for everything it has got…so I can only imagine them adding even more things (much like balloon world) in the future. Already there is some rumors of data-mined costumes coming out later this year…and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if holiday events became a thing.

But, like with the main game, I have enjoyed this journey with Mario…and Super Mario Odyssey continued to blow me away. I was in love with the further references made to older games, I loved being able to capture Yoshi and use him for levels. The rematches with the bosses were fun and challenging…and though I did not care for the other parts of the Moon, I did like that revisiting all the other Kingdoms had even more adventure to offer to keep a casual like myself occupied.

I feel like you get so much more than what they sell the game for, and I will always highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get a Nintendo Switch or wanting to try this game out!

But let me know what YOU think! Did you like the post-game? How many power moons did you finally get up to (as of this blog I have 721)? What was your favorite costume? Did you try balloon world? What were your thoughts on it? As always, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below.

Thank you all so much for reading, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog! πŸ˜‰


How many throwbacks are in Super Mario Odyssey?


Super Mario Odyssey has continued to blow people away with just how fun and immersive it is. I find that it’s a game that has something that everyone will enjoy…and while some people do not understand the hype, most the Mario-fandom can not stop talking about the game even now!

As I was playing through and trying to finish up things so that I could write my post-game review, I thought it might be fun to talk about all the “throwbacks” and/or references that can be found in Super Mario Odyssey. One of my favorite things about the game was the 2D gaming portions and the references to older games such as “Donkey Kong”.

So, just for a moment…lets take a trip down memory-lane.


  • Classic Super Mario Bros.

    —One of the coolest references by far were always the 2D gaming sections. I loved how they were classic platforming at its finest, and would even match Mario’s costume when he went into the pixelated pipe. But, going back to “New Donk City”, I noticed a line of people I had never seen before. A lady told me that they were waiting to see the new movie that had come out, and, when I entered the building, there was a small theater room with a pixel pipe leading to a screen showcasing the classic Super Mario Bros! Of course I jumped in there, and it really was a throwback to the original game!!! Of course there were differences such as a lack of Mario power-up items and you did not shrink if you got hit. The flag pole was removed and you had to get moon-pieces, but even with the differences to make it relevant to the new game, it was an amazing trip down memory lane to the game that started me on my path to becoming a gamer.



  • Donkey Kong:

    —References to Donkey Kong are everywhere in “New Donk City”, but during the Traditional Festival in the Metro Kingdom, we go back to Donkey Kong’s earliest days where he had kidnapped Pauline, and ‘Jumpman’ had to go and rescue her from the massive ape! We see classic Donkey Kong towards the end of the 2D platforming on the night of the Festival, and for the finale, we take him down. Funnier still is that Mario’s current costume in this screenshot may be a construction worker, but the design is what was used in “Mario VS Donkey Kong: March of the Minis” for the Nintendo DS. It was a revival of the older game where DK has again come and stolen Pauline and we must rescue her. So think of it as 2 throwbacks all in one!



  • Super Mario 64:

    —Perhaps my favorite throwback is all the references made to Super Mario 64. While I grew up with the original Mario in my household, I remember when the N64 had come out and I finally got to play my first 3D Mario game. I may not have ever been any good at it…and tick-tock clock still haunts my dreams but either way, the game is a part of my gaming history, it really tested me time-and-time again, and it took up most of my weekends. The Mushroom Kingdom is a new location once you have finished the main game, and there are throwbacks EVERYWHERE in this place! You can buy a costume that allows you to run around as 64-bit Mario, and this costume even allows you to enter the old courtyard from the SM64 game where you will find the classic fountain with its plaque saying: “L is real”. For those that might not know, this is what sparked various rumors about unlocking Luigi in SM64 and that he was hidden somewhere in the game’s code. You can also hop through paintings to have a rematch with the bosses throughout Odyssey, and even Yoshi is on the roof! But don’t worry, he doesn’t run away with all your Power Moons and health this time. Even the Power Moons in this place are stars and play the classic SM64 music when you obtain a star. This is why this section alone had to be my favorite Kingdom of all time!!!



  • Other Donkey Kong References:

    —While these are not interactive in any way, as mentioned before, New Donk City has several references to Donkey Kong and his legacy. Not only in the form of his battles with Mario, but with his other games too- namely Donkey Kong Country. These mostly come in the form of street signs and advertisement signs. We have streets referencing classic DK characters like Cranky Kong and Captain KRool…and even have some of DK’s most loyal companions like Rambi and Rattley. There is a meat shop that seems to be owned by Diddy Kong, and there is a place advertising Dixie as well. So while not necessarily Mario-related, they are still cool Nintendo references nonetheless.


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  • Costumes from other games!

    —I chuckled a lot at the Mario costumes in Super Mario Odyssey…but it’s because I knew where a lot of them came from. Some of these costumes were lost on me, but luckily the internet knew where most of them had originated. Dr. Mario was a dead giveaway at what they were doing. Even the chef Mario came from Yoshi’s cookie and was a design I had seen before. I knew that metal mario (while most say it’s from SM64) was also in Smash Brothers…and that the Golden counterpart is much more modern and from the era of “NEW! Super Mario Bros 2”. The SM64 costume explains itself…and even the Mexican Mario appeared before as a cameo in a game called Qix. The construction worker (as mentioned above) is not just from Super Mario Maker- the design came out long before that game and was featured in “March of the Minis” for the Nintendo DS. And I think that is why a lot of these costumes are so much fun! They become even cooler when you can pinpoint the references and mark where they occurred in Mario’s history!



  • Mario Kart:

    Did you notice that Mario Kart was in Super Mario Odyssey? Well it’s not really in there, but the RC Car Challenge in New Donk City does offer a very Mario-Kart feel. The top-down view is like the mini-map of the classic SNES version and even the music comes from that game. Even the track can probably be compared to one in the game. So even if it’s a stretch, the music alone means the reference is there. Also, shout-out to the little game-and-watch character on the left of the screenshot. Very clever Nintendo.


There are probably more references in the game that I have missed…but there are just so many! Even if it’s a massive stretch, I think that even Super Mario Galaxy was referenced in the platforming bits involving the rockets and going to space–buuuut that could just be me. Still, one of the things that I adored the most about Super Mario Odyssey was all the fun little throwbacks to the most beloved games in the Mario series. Some of them were obscure, but loyal fans of Mario were delighted when they saw them…well, at least I was.

But there were not only Mario references which means Nintendo knows that their success is not built on Mario alone. Some people may not get the hype, and some do not even like Super Mario Odyssey…but I think it really offered something fresh and special to the face of Nintendo and their new console. I really think that in the long-run, for all it offers, for all the references and easter eggs, I feel like this game will remain legendary for a very long time!

But let me know what YOU think??? What was your favorite reference/throwback in Super Mario Odyssey? Is there one that maybe I missed? What one were you surprised to learn about in this blog?

As always, let me know all your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below! I am still working on post-game and hopefully I can have that review up-and-ready soon! But until then, thank you all for reading, and as always, I will see you in the next blog! πŸ˜‰

Pokemon Regions rated WORST-BEST!


As a long-time Pokemon fan, I often get into discussions about which regions were better or worse than others. I have made it very clear which games I love and hate respectively…but I have never really listed the regions in terms of which one was the absolute worst versus which one was the absolute best.

So, since I am currently working on more reviews and post-game discussions, I thought that taking a break to make some lists like these might be a fun project. So here are all the Pokemon regions listed from the WORST to the BEST!

Disclaimer: This only concerns regions portrayed in the mainline Pokemon game series. Pokemon Anime and spin-off titles will not be listed here.


  • (#7) The Sinnoh Region:
    —Is anyone really surprised? I have made my opinion on the 4th generation many times in my blogs. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum were train-wrecks when it came to the series, and even without the bland story and ‘meh’ Pokemon designs at best…even the MAP of this generation is the bane of my existence! There is a lot of running back-and-forth, retracing your steps only to find roadblocks at every turn you make. You can get lost or stuck so easily with no clue as to where to go next or what to do.
    Sure, the music is good…but aesthetically this map is boring, and layout-wise, the entire thing is a nightmare to navigate! Like the rest of the game, I feel like even the map was forgettable outside of how hellish it was to get around. So, Sinnoh as a region and just as a whole is at the very bottom when it comes to regions I love.



  • (#6) The Kalos Region:
    —I adored Pokemon X/Y but for all the amazing things that it offered, I always felt like the map was just not one of them. All the focus went into the more important things like the Trainer customization and overall detail within the images themselves. But as for the places on the map? Unfortunately, like with Sinnoh, the map was easily forgettable. But unlike 4th generation, this map was actually easy to navigate for the most part, and is one of the simpler maps to date (in my opinion). So it’s not that the Kalos region was ‘bad’, but more that it was a bit lack-luster and boring…
    At least the rest of the game makes up for it though!



  • (#5) The Unova Region:
    —Unova was a gem, and I feel like it’s one of those games that gets little-to-no recognition despite all the things it brought to the table. I also really liked the map and all the different locations. At the time, it seemed like the most “active” map of any generation. Each new location was spewing with personality and charm…and call it biased but, the fact that we got a map that people said was based off the USA was actually pretty cool! Not to mention all the new places that opened up once you beat the game. And, if we are talking about B/W and then W2/B2- the same map had so much variation between the two games making it even more interesting than before! This was one of the few games where I loved visiting the big city and battling the Nintendo executives. It was like my daily ritual and, I still do it from time-to-time. While this map looked very simple like Kalos, it could get confusing at times. However, getting lost was never too bad or too frustrating. This region was always fun to explore because it seemed like there was always something new to find!




  • (#4) The Alola Region:
    —While the islands may look small, this map is MASSIVE! So, people give the Alola Region a lot of hate…and, if they are referring to the regular Sun/Moon versions, I can’t say that I blame them. But, USUM made me look at Alola in a whole new way, and I came to really love the region! I especially liked it because of the new way one could travel between the islands (Mantine surfing). But even if you hated Alola, one can not deny that this region is BEAUTIFUL! It’s vibrant…so colorful and bursting with things to do, people to talk to, side-quests, mysteries, and hidden events! There’s things to collect, scores to beat, items to find, and of course Pokemon to catch. Everything has a story (in USUM at least), everything has a purpose. And, when it comes to USUM, when you throw in “Ultra Space”, there are even other worlds for us to visit!!!! Honestly, if it weren’t for the nostalgia that other games give me, I could have seen Alola being higher on this list for sure!!!



  • (#3) The Kanto Region:
    “Short and simple” would be the best way to describe the Kanto region. Even with its remake, it’s pretty cut-and-dry. But, while it is so simple and so short- it is “memorable”. I’m not even talking because of the nostalgia (necessarily). How many memes have been made about Zubat in the dark cave? How about all the pictures of Red finding Mewtwo in the Cerulean cave? And remember that music from Lavender Town? It gives me shivers even now! Pokemon was new and so those that have played Pokemon since its release know Kanto like the back of their hand! At the time, even though it was simple, it still managed to impact us. We hated our rival, we raced to get all the badges just so we could beat him, we all were sweating as we tried to take down Team Rocket while still trying to understand type-effectiveness. As mentioned before, if it weren’t for the memories, I might have to say that Kanto would normally be lower on such a list. Compared to Pokemon games nowadays…such a map is just outdated, and it can’t stand up to what came after it. But it’s the small things that really stuck with us that make this region so great. Even the first choice in the game will still touch our hearts and be the hardest one: “Which starter Pokemon will you choose?”



  • (#2) The Hoenn Region:
    —I always found the Hoenn Region to be fascinating! I can already sense some people groaning. I have heard it all before with there being too much surfing and not enough exploring blah, blah, blah- but there was so much this map gave us that was new and exciting! Hot springs, volcanoes, a desert! We got to explore a sunken ship, we got to go under the ocean to catch Pokemon!!!! We got to make and decorate Secret Bases and in the remakes we can fly to special Islands where Legendaries await beyond Dark Portals! In the remakes, we even get to fly around in outer space!!! The Hoenn Region is fascinating with each new area being just as exciting as the last! Yes, there is a lot of water, and yes, the amount of Tentacool are ridiculous- but I feel like those small things keep people from seeing the beauty which is Hoenn. I will admit, searching for Secret Bases in the remakes is still one of my favorite things to do! I love going in to see what the other bases look like and how people have decorated theirs. It truly is amazing! Because of that feature alone I felt like the Hoenn Region had the most interactive Region Map of all times!



  • (#1) The Johto Region:
    —So here we are at last to my favorite region of them all! Those that know me would not be surprised that this is at the top of my list because Gold-Version has always been my favorite Pokemon game of all-time! Remember when I said that Kanto was memorable even though simplistic? Well Johto was not as simplistic but was very-much memorable as well. I know that every time I started a new game and entered Goldenrod City that I was dreading facing off against Whitney and her Miltank. I loved saving the Slowpoke in the well, and capturing the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage. But not only was Johto an amazing region in itself with its burned towers, ancient ruins, and national parks…no. Once you got your 8-badges in Johto, you then went to Kanto to get the other 8-badges! That’s right, TWO Regions!
    Now, maybe this does not count towards making Johto the top of the list…but I know one thing that does it for me: Mt.Silver.
    The mountain where we fight our way to the very top to find Red…the legend himself. This is the place where the greatest battle takes place, where we face off against the silent hero to see who is really the greatest Pokemon Master to ever live! This is what seals the deal (for me) as to why Johto is the greatest Region of all time and no one can convince me otherwise!

Art by: Serain on DeviantArt


A very short and simple list but one that I thought would be fun either way. These are just my favorite Regions, and the order does not necessarily mean that this is the order of my favorite games (though 4th Gen will always be in last place).

So, if you enjoyed this list, I might be doing more like this in the future. I thought about doing a ranking of Mario games, Mario characters, and even Pokemon Starters and things of that nature. But please, let me know what you thought of this list (what I can improve for next time, etc) in the comment-section down below. Also feel free to let me know how you rank the Pokemon Regions! If there is a specific list that you would like to see in the future then feel free to drop me a suggestion or two!

Thank you all so much for reading and for supporting this blog. As always I will see you all the next one! πŸ˜‰

The BackLoggery [+Updates]


As a gamer, I have built myself a massive collection of games over the years. But, as a military wife, I also move a lot…that means games get lost, some get broken. Sometimes I sell titles and then forget, and yes, I have had games stolen in the past.
Sometimes I lose track of the games I am playing because I buy new games…and it can turn into quite the mess!!!

I forget who it was that recommended this site to me…but someone online said that one of the best places to keep track of games was called “The Backloggery“. I had never heard of anything like that and decided to set up a profile a few years ago. This website really can be a lifesaver at times, and it’s great for people that like to stay organized (like me)!

The Backloggery is like your own personal library for all the games you have ever played. You can add games that you own, formerly owned, borrowed, rented etc…and then list them as: unplayed, unfinished, beaten, completed, mastered, etc.

If you are currently playing a specific game, you can check a box that says “Now Playing” which will then list that game at the top of your profile so you can be reminded what you decided to work on. Not only that, but, per-game you can list ‘progression notes’ so that you can remember where you left off on a specific game.

You can rate the games you have played and leave comments on what your thoughts are…and you can also add things like your Steam ID, 3DS FC, and other gamer information. This site basically pools together your gaming stats…showing you how many titles you have played across all different consoles, and it shows you the percentage of games you have beat versus the games you have left unfinished.

Not only that…but for games on consoles that use achievements, you can list how many achievements you have gotten per game, and it ranks that in a percentage as well. You can earn badges based on how many games you add versus how many you have beaten total. It’s also cool to look at other gamer’s profiles to see what they have done.

Here are my current stats from over 204 titles that I have played:


You can also see my profile: HERE

As it shows, you can also add games onto a Wishlist, but, I have yet to really use this feature.

  • Updates:

But another reason why I am writing this blog is because I really feel like I could add more to this place (the blog as a whole). I was looking through some old reviews, and there are a lot that could use a touch-up or two.

I want to work on making my reviews and blogs more consistent with a particular-style, but also make sure that older formats are still easy to read and enjoyable nonetheless. Not only that but, I realize that there are more things that could be added to this blog as well; namely “gamer resources”. Things like the Backloggery ca be listed for ease-of-access for those visiting the blog, and, I think it might come in handy.

But these were just some thoughts I have been having lately…and when I have a long day/night ahead of me where I have nothing else to do…I would like to start on some renovations t o make this blog more appealing. While this place has always been a blog about my personal opinion on titles and such, I would like to branch-out and become something more of a source for others to look up to when giving logical and good reviews on games and gaming news.

So, nothing too big when it comes to updates…but since there is not too much to explain on the Backloggery site itself, I figured it was best to squeeze in some updates here.

But I need your help!

I am looking for good gaming resources to place on the front page of the blog. What do you think is a good gaming resource and why? What does it have to offer versus competitors? Maybe you know some good gaming news-channels? Please let me know some of your favorite resources in the comment-section down below.

Thank you all for reading and for your continued support. As always, I will see you all in the next blog. πŸ˜‰

Super Mario Odyssey [Review]


Release Date: 10-27-2017
Beaten: 01-21-2018
System: Nintendo Switch

Unlike other titles for the Switch (and the system itself), Super Mario Odyssey was the one thing I was actually curious at trying. Mario is one of the few names in gaming where they can go completely off-script for what is ‘typical’ and still make a fantastic game. There is rarely an entry in the Mario series that I do not like!

Also, because I grew up with Mario and have played nearly every game in the series…like other games that I am dedicated too (such as Pokemon), I had to get this game and try it for myself. While I was not expecting to get this title until my birthday, my wife surprised me with the game early, and I have been hooked on it since!

But last night the main campaign came to an end, and with that, I knew it was time to do a review. So, keep in mind every picture in this blog was a screenshot taken directly from my Switch as I played the game- and with that out of the way, lets-a go to the review!!!


  • The Plot:
    —Who does not know the plot to a Mario game? While the games themselves may change, the story never does…and maybe that’s why these games are so fun and nostalgic while being fresh all at the same time! But it’s the classic tale of Bowser kidnapping Peach. Only this time, he is taking things to the next level. Bowser plots to marry Princess Peach by traveling to all the different Kingdoms and stealing their sacred treasures. In the process of doing this, he has also kidnapped a woman from the Cap-kingdom which our new partner (Cappy) is bent on saving because that woman is his sister. So, Mario chases Bowser down trying to stop him before the Koopa King can tie the knot. It’s simplistic as a whole but there are other things that must be done as well. There are Power Moons to collect, bosses to fight, wedding planners to bring to justice, and lands that need saving as we travel to the ends of the Earth to save the woman that we love! In fact, I would have to say that the plot in and of itself is the easiest thing to explain about Super Mario Odyssey but that it’s not even close to scratching the surface of just how great this game really is.



  • Exploring a whole new World!
    —In most Mario games we have traveled across the Mushroom Kingdom- all the way to Bowser’s lair. Then on the Gameboy we visited Sarasa Land. In Super Mario Galaxy we got to travel from planet-to-planet…and now in Super Mario Odyssey, we are seeing the World like never before! Brand-new Kingdoms on a planet that looks very much like Earth (complete with the Moon and all) are just waiting to be discovered. There’s a Carbonated Sea, a Kingdom made completely of food, an island lost in time, even a city with skyscrapers and people running to-and-from their jobs! Creatures of all shapes and sizes…lands of all different kinds, materials: liquids and solids alike are to be discovered as you chase Bowser across the planet in your brand-new airship! There’s just so much to this game that even a blog like this one would not be able to explain all the new areas that Super Mario Odyssey has to offer. So, I will just talk about some of my favorite places.

    The Ruined-Kingdom was a random stop as Mario and Cappy chased down Bowser. It was here where the Odyssey got blown from the sky by a full-rendered Dragon known as: “The Lord of Lighting”. I AM NOT JOKING! IT WAS A DRAGON!!!! The Kingdom was crumbled and there was very little to it..but for a moment, I felt less like I was playing Mario and more like I was playing DarkSouls. It was pretty intense.

    Another one of my favorite “kingdoms” was New Donk City. I know the name sounds weird but the whole area was one nostalgia trip after another. We got to see Mayor Pauline (the girl from Mario vs Donkey Kong) and there was even a throwback to the old game which I enjoyed. The buildings were so fun to climb, and just finding new ways to scale the buildings and finding new areas had me in this Kingdom for a long time. I was having so much fun just finding extra Power Moons that I nearly forgot about the campaign. Also- the Sand Kingdom. I love the people living there, the area is super interesting, and I got to ride a Jaxi…enough said. You have water lands, ice lands, sand and rock. You have a Kingdom in space! There are just so many new places to go and so many new things to do!!!



  • New Powers!
    —Mario is still the master of jumping. He can still do his triple jump, his ground-pound, his long-jump, his dives, and his twirls; but Super Mario Odyssey introduces the new character Cappy, and he gives Mario a whole new arsenal and way of traveling around all these new worlds. Cappy can be thrown in order to attack enemies. He can also be used for gathering coins, breaking boxes, and hitting power blocks. But Cappy can do so much more! Cappy can spin and hover in the air for a short time, allowing Mario to bounce on him for some extra height…but what Cappy is really renowned for is his ability to control other creatures.
    That’s right! Mario can now take over some enemies in order to use their powers. He can take over classic enemies like hammer bros, goombas, cheep-cheeps, and even the fireballs we all know. He can also take over a bunch of new creatures such as frogs, dinosaurs, and giant clouds!

    My favorite transformations are the T-rex, cheep-cheeps, and the pecky-birds in Bowser’s Kingdom!

    Each enemy has a unique ability that they alone can use! Goombas can stack on top of one another to get to new heights while flying Goombas allow you to well…fly! Chain chomps let you bust through walls as do bullet-bills. The T-rex is a destructive force that can break through any stone, but because of his size, he can only be controlled for a limited time. Cheep-cheeps can breathe underwater and launch themselves upwards if you need to snag something on land, and the pecky birds can attack with their beaks, use them to deflect bombs, or even use them to climb walls. So knowing what enemy is good for using in certain areas will help you find a lot of secret areas in the game!

    But, taking over creatures is not the only way of playing in Super Mario Odyssey. The game has many throwbacks to the older games by including sections where Mario must go through the world in 2-D. It’s a nod back to the simpler days in gaming and makes for a unique experience while playing through the campaign.
    So while it’s not really a new “power”, I think it is something worth noting.



  • The Broodals!
    —There are new enemies introduced in Super Mario Odyssey. They call themselves the “Broodals”. They are Bowser’s wedding planners and throughout the game they aid him in stealing treasures from each new kingdom. But as far as villains go, they were one of the things that I liked the least. This game took a lot of risks when it came to design…especially when they decided to add real humans in the fray. But, while their design was interesting…they just seemed very out of place. Their encounters were always short-and-sweet ending in a battle that was lack-luster. Very easy with no real feeling of accomplishment for taking them down. While I admire the designers for adding in something other than the Koopalings (Koopa Kids – Koopa Troopa), the ‘rabbits’ just seemed like an odd choice.
    Though, I will admit that one of the Broodals (not shown here) made for a funny boss-fight and gave me a good chuckle. Also, I have to give them credit for each having a different way of battling. Their special powers made sure you utilized every technique you would learn throughout playing the game so it was never the same fight as you faced off against each Broodal. So while they were simple fights, at least each one was unique.

    The Broodals are not the only new enemies in Super Mario Odyssey as each new world has its own threats that need to be dealt with. Some of these threats can only be dealt with when controlling another creature, while others take a specific move in order to take them down. Older enemies make a return in this game with new ways in which to fight them so it makes for a very fresh experience with old faces from games-past.



  • Costumes & Souvenirs!
    —I love to travel, and, when I do get out-and-about, I always make sure to bring something back with me. While for other people this may not have been their favorite aspect- I adored the fact that Mario could bring pieces of his adventure with him while traveling across the world! Each Kingdom has souvenirs that you can buy with that kingdom’s specific currency (purple coins) and then place inside your airship. There are even stickers from the places you travel that can be added to the outside of your ship as well! Not only that but Mario is getting stylish in this new game as each kingdom has its own set of clothes/costumes which Mario can wear!

    These clothes do not really do much. Occasionally an outfit might be needed to get into a specific door, but overall it is just an ‘extra’ within the game that adds another fun thing to collect. The same thing goes for the souvenir. They are in no way necessary…they just look good and are a fun thing to collect as you play through the game.Β  My favorite outfits were the pirate outfit, the cowboy garb, and the boxer shorts with a simple ball-cap. My favorite souvenir was my little Jaxi statue, my inflatable Dori, and the Pauline statue from New Donk City. The above screenshot was just the start of my collection. I spent so long just trying to find purple coins so that I could buy everything! As far as clothes go…you don’t have to worry about buying whole sets. Shirts and hats are bought separately and you can mix-and-match as you please! It almost made for a feel of character customization even if you were still playing as Mario.



  • Power Moons!
    —Power Moons are the main collectible in the game and they are used for progressing through the storyline. They are the way in which you power the Odyssey (your ship) so that you can make it to other kingdoms. Each world has a specific number of Power Moons you need to progress to the next place- and there is always a multi-moon (or two) that you must get from fighting bosses. But, there are more Power Moons than what is required per stage, and you never have to get them in any particular order. But outside of progressing through the main campaign, gathering Power Moons is actually pointless.

    Whereas before the stars/moons were used to help defeat Bowser or restore balance to something, they only power your ship this time around. Sure, games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy had extra stars you could get just for fun, but Super Mario Odyssey has a whopping 999+ Power Moons to find if you want to hunt for them all! In other words…with having to collect all the purple coins and get all the costumes and souvenirs, getting all the Power Moons on top of all that is a completionist nightmare! A lot of people ended up saying that they did not like collecting the Power Moons because they served no real purpose after the Odyssey was complete. Even though extra Power Moons are needed to travel to new places in post-game, I can see where a number so high can be daunting, and after awhile you have to wonder what the point of it all is.



  • The Final Battle!
    —It is tradition for me to talk about the final battle to any Mario game that I play…and for what it was worth, the final showdown with Bowser was actually really good! The fight itself was merely so-so. Though I liked the new way in which Bowser fought (using hat powers very similar to Mario and the Broodals), he was very easy to beat. However, the real thrill came when Mario, Bowser, and Peach had to escape from within the Moon itself.
    WARNING! SPOILERS: Taking over Bowser was actually really cool. I especially liked playing through the 2-D bits as classic Bowser from the old game. The music was amazing and the whole escape had me on edge since everything was falling apart around you. But I do want to make one thing clear: Mario and Peach would have never survived if it were not for Bowser!!! But it was cool to be able to control the Koopa King in order to save everyone…and in the end, we had a very comedic display of two men fighting over the woman they are both in love with. So, while the battle with Bowser himself can only be described as “meh”, I think the escape sequence made up for all that and actually made for a really cool and really thrilling experience.



  • Post-game:
    —Just because the main story has been completed does not mean that Super Mario Odyssey is over! If you’re a collector in games (like me) there are still a lot of Power Moons to go find, secret challenges to complete, Leaderboards to get on (records to break), and purple coins to find! Not only that but, there are even more places to explore once you have beaten the game! The Mushroom Kingdom and the Dark Side of the Moon are just two of these places!!! Not to mention a brand-new bit of gameplay is coming out soon called “Balloon World” featuring Mario’s brother: Luigi! But, because I feel like post-game might have a lot more to offer than can be explained, I will save that for another blog, another time.



Super Mario Odyssey did not hold anything back! It is a beautiful game with a fun story, amazing characters, catchy music, and all new mechanics that work very well with the Switch! There’s a throwback to the older games and I could not stop smiling while playing this game. Puzzles, challenges, classic platforming- it is everything we love about Mario games and so much more!
While it does go away from the classic Mario by going outside the Mushroom Kingdom, somehow this game made it work and thus it has quickly become one of my favorites in the Mario series. The Switch was made for this game (and not the other way around)- and everything about this game demonstrates all that the Switch is capable of, and all that Nintendo is capable of. I can easily see where all the hype came from when it comes to this game, and, I’m looking forward to playing through the post-game in the future.

I say that outside the Broodals being weird bosses and some of the bigger fights being too easy and a bit boring…there is not a single thing I did not like about this game. Yes, not all the power-ups were my favorite, and not all the areas were so cool to me…but those things vary from person-to-person…and it does not change the fact that this game is all-around FUN! It can also be 2-player which can make for something interesting for yourself and a friend to play. So, as a final note, I say that this game is worth the money, is a good investment, and I can guarantee you will have a good time playing it!

But tell me what YOU think! Do you like Mario games? What were your personal opinions on Super Mario Odyssey? What was your favorite creature to take over? What was your favorite Kingdom? Least favorite things about the game? As always, let me know what you think down in the comment-section below. Thank you all so much for reading, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog! πŸ˜‰

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2017- a good year in gaming?


I don’t think I have ever done a single blog post where I go over the games of any specific year. But that is because I hardly ever get new games. My wife is more likely to buy new titles, but then it takes her years to get around to playing them…so there is never really much to note. But, I do like watching what other people think were the best-and-worst of gaming year-by-year and I have to wonder if 2017 was good, bad, or if it just sort of evened itself out?


  • Year of the Switch & the Indie Scene!
    —This was the year when the Indie Scene was booming with titles. We got a new FNaF game, we got Cuphead, and other amazing Indie titles like: “Bendy and the Ink Machine” and “Hello Neighbor”. I think that indie titles started making a huge impact moreso than any other year…and even older Indie titles like “The Binding of Isaac” was making a return on home consoles such as the brand-new Nintendo Switch.

    With that being said, we cannot forget the Switch as it was very hit-and-miss when it came to the crowd’s opinions. There were those that were stoked for the console and then there were skeptics (like me), with hardly any room for a middle ground. But how can we forget how games like “ZELDA: Breath of the Wild” blew people away with its open world and breath-taking graphics? How can we forget the system that was a home console and handheld all-in-one? If you can’t remember any of that…then maybe you remember people popping the cartridges in their mouth because they were coated with chemicals to keep kids from eating them? Also yes…they are absolutely disgusting.

    But anyways, I find that it was mostly the Indie scene and the Switch which took the attention of most the gamers in 2017. Even while Sony and Microsoft introduced ‘better‘ versions of their consoles, the cameras were turned on the real rising stars.



  • A lot of titles that FLOPPED!
    —In gaming, hardly anyone cares about the middle-man. You either hear about the BEST games or you hear about the WORST games. And there were plenty of games that were an absolute FLOP! But, here is where it gets interesting…
    It’s not uncommon for some ‘new’ game to be a flop. Afterall, it has to compete with the top titles which can be really hard. But, when your BIG TITLES and the most anticipated games of the year become massive flops…that’s when you know that something has gone VERY, VERY WRONG with the companies in gaming. To name just a couple: Star Wars Battlefront II & Mass Effect: Andromeda.

    There were also a lot of poor ports like Rime and other titles…but I hardly count those as flops and mainly just as major disappointments from a fan’s point-of-view.

    By now, you have probably heard of these titles. You know how much hype they were getting. You could not watch a single thing on Hulu or YouTube without Mass Effect: Andromeda being shoved down your throat with its catchy music; and Battlefront II was the game that long-time fans had been waiting for ages to get their hands on. So…what went wrong?

    It varies from title-to-tile that was considered a flop- but in the case of these two titles, it wasn’t just a bug here or a clipping-texture there. Imagine a game that does not depend on skill but rather how much real money you are willing to throw into the game to get the best gear and characters. How about a game where the 3D programmers were so new that they did not know which way a character was supposed to hold a rifle? How about a game with a rich and amazing lore which the new game totally ignores because no one on the team knows what they are doing??

    No need to go into anymore detail because any search can tell you just why these games failed and why it was so shocking for the community that such big names and titles could be run into the dirt like they were.



  • Meanings of games get lost?
    —Whereas the spotlight for gaming was centered around Indie titles and the Switch, I also found that the new way of gaming was the way of searching for that ‘hidden lore‘. Games like FNaF had taught us that not all games are as they appear on the surface…and the new past-time of the gaming communities had become digging for secrets in games that seemed to have a simple plot and a very quick ending.

    But where a lot of people knew that sometimes there was more-than-meets-the-eye with Indie titles, sometimes knowing that there was a deeper meaning could get lost with some gamers. For example: I was watching ProJAred’s worst games of 2017 when he listed the popular title: “Hello Neighbor”. The reason he listed the game as a flop was the bad mechanics, lack of consequence, and then the bad graphics (where he showed where an unreal engine sign had been left in plain view). The funny thing about this is that, Hello Neighbor is a game that someone would have had to have been invested in from the start to enjoy. I am talking about playing and/or watching videos of the Alpha builds in order to understand that there is something deeper going on here.

    The game has hidden secrets everywhere, and while on the outside does not seem like much a horror-game, the thing laying beneath the surface of it all makes you sad and really makes your skin crawl. But yes, if someone were to just buy the game and play through it without discovering any of the secrets then it would come off as a rather boring title. And maybe it is asking too much of most gamers to sit there and delve deep into the history of development with this game. But, such titles like this game and “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator” often show us that there is something lurking in those simple games that we think nothing of…but that we are too interested in instant gratification to see what real treasures are there and waiting for us.

    And such views as ProJared’s can really ruin a game’s reputation if people choose to listen without doing their own research…and it just goes to show how little people are often interested in a story, and how they focus more about their ‘skills’ in a game and how quickly they can get through it. Also visuals. Games like Hello Neighbor are unique (in my opinion). While everyone else is focused on the newest and best CGI and motion capture…I find that unique styles with bright and random colors make more of an impression while the rest of the gaming world looks almost the same.


  • Everything depends on YouTube hype?
    —Lets-plays have only been growing in popularity since they started. While they no longer run YouTube, the Lets-players and the people who sit there and dissect games are still a massive community. They are such a strong force and voice for gamers that companies will often send demos and early-access to YouTubers in order to advertise their new games.

    And it was when I was looking at the list of all the games that came out in 2017 (which can be found HERE) that I realized that the only reason I had heard of most of these games was because I had seen them on YouTube! Either my favorite gamers had been playing them and/or discussing them…or an advertisement had caught my eye. Occasionally there might have been a blog or two that I found talking about some controversy (such as with Mass Effect: Andromeda) but mostly it was the Lets-players that helped me see what new titles were available to me, and they helped decide whether or not it was the type of game for me.

    But is it good or bad? Are we relying too much on these people to help us decide what games are worth our time? For example: I am a VERY free-thinker when it comes to anything. I choose to do my research despite if someone just says a thing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I always want to decide for myself. Yooka-Laylie was one of those instances. While it was one of those titles that people wanted REALLY bad, it mostly flopped because big-named gamers said it was terrible.
    They bashed controls, they bashed plot, they bashed worlds being too big…and when it came down to it all they bashed the STYLE of the game calling it “outdated”. When it wasn’t being bashed for all that, it was being bashed because JonTron’s voice had been cut from it all, so this game had nothing going for it. But, despite my favorite gamers on YouTube calling it bad, I bought the game and I loved it! It was made the way it was for those who had grown up with Banjo-Kazooie. It wasn’t outdated, it was nostalgic, and that’s what made it beautiful!

    But, whereas I see it as a gem…a lot of gamers took the YouTuber’s opinions to heart. They left comments saying: “Well, I was going to buy this game, but after this review I might as well not waste my time.” and that broke my heart. Sometimes I do feel like YouTube’s power is TOO GREAT and that good things suffer because of it. Gaming in 2017 was one of those things because every new title revolves around the YouTube hype.


  • A lot of things were at best…FORGETTABLE:
    —Because of the YouTube hype, I feel like a lot of titles got swept under the rug. Like I said before, there is no room for the middle-man in gaming. You either have a great game or you have a terrible one…and anything that is just okay or good tends to get lost. These middle games are forgettable at best and we often see the game stores lined with such titles that no one knows anything about and they rarely want to risk the money on buying them.
    Looking at the list of games that came out in 2017, I can honestly say I heard nothing about most of them: no articles, no advertisements, guides and reviews are just so-so, and no one is talking about them because barely anyone bought them. There isn’t much else to say other than there were so many titles that came out that just went unnoticed…


In conclusion, I think that 2017 had a great year in gaming overall. I feel like we got a lot of new titles that blew people out of the water, we got a new console, and more-and-more games are pushing the limits of our technology every single day!

Because things like the Switch are so new, I think that this paves the way for an even better 2018 with even better titles that can wow us like never before!!! It is unfortunate to see that so many titles got forgotten while big titles were such a flop…but even with all those things in mind, I still think 2017 came out on top.

But what do YOU think? How was 2017 as far as gaming for you? What were your favorite titles that came out? What were your least-favorite titles? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Thank you all so much for reading, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog! πŸ˜‰

Nintendo Switch [Thoughts]


Welcome to the New Year everyone!
Christmas has come and gone- and as a gamer, my gifts are often filled with new games to play, thus new ideas and topics to write about and explore. But, this year, my amazing wife surprised me with the Nintendo Switch!!! It was unexpected to say the least, and it’s something I decided that I should take the time to really dissect.

Keep in mind that I know nothing (on the technological side) about this console’s specs, stats, whatever. If you want to learn about those things you can visit the Official Page for the Switch, or you can check out the wiki for it HERE.

With that being said, I am more-or-less covering my thoughts about the console, how it feels to me personally…and whether or not I would recommend it based on these things. I plan to eventually do this with other consoles as well, so be looking out for those blogs in the future πŸ˜‰

But lets get into what I think about the Nintendo Switch!!!


  • Design:
    —Let us start off with the design of the Switch itself. This really needs to be broken into two categories because unlike other consoles, the Switch also functions as a handheld device. Because it functions as 2-things-in-one, the design is new, it’s interesting, and it’s something fresh.
    As a console it is nice and compact and does not require a lot of space. It is a down-size from the WiiU and even though it follows a similar construct of allowing people to play on a tiny monitor or the big screen, the two consoles are completely different.

    When in handheld-mode, the Switch fits very comfortably in my hands. It’s not too wide, and the controllers are spaced easily enough that all the buttons are accessible without any strain (which is good because I have tiny hands). However, when it is in TV-mode, the controllers are small and they are a but awkward feelings. They are not nearly as big as a Wii-mote and they are very light so it leaves you feeling like you have no real control over anything. I found myself playing with different sitting positions to try and get rid of the awkward feeling of not having a solid controller. This might not be as bad for other people…but I have found that I prefer the Switch more as a handheld than I do as a console.

    As a handheld though, the design can be a bit bulky. It is rather heavy and is massive compared to the 3DS. I have had friends say that they easily carry their Switch around in their pocket, but, they must have massive pockets since, for me, this is impossible (and I’m a big gal). Not to mention, the screen of the Switch does get scratched rather easily (according to other reports and reviews) so, this is not something you would want to tote around without a proper carrying case and screen protector.

    I will say now that I love the way that the controllers detach from the screen. The click they give is so satisfying, and the way the system registers them snapping into place is charming. Even if I don’t like using the console outside of its handheld mode, it’s great that it provides 2-controllers for multiplayer games from the moment you buy it.

    As far as actual ‘design’ goes…right now the Switch (in terms of colors/design) is rather limited. The system is black and controllers can either be all black or one controller is red and the other blue. My wife chose the more colorful option for me, which is perfect. While people have customized theirs with stickers and such, as it comes, it is rather plain and kept rather simple.



  • Controls:
    —As mentioned before, the handheld mode of this console is really nice and the controls of it are rather smooth. I found zero delay in any button inputΒ  and it barely felt like I was pressing buttons at all! Everything is super responsive which is nice considering my first game was a racing one.
    The opposite can be said for TV-mode? I’m not sure if other people experienced this problem…but I felt a bit of a delay when playing in TV-mode as in comparison to handheld. It might have been the distance at which I was sitting, or maybe something was interfering with the signal, but, it just wasn’t as responsive as when I was playing with the controllers attached to the screen.

    As for the touch-screen (and yes, it comes with a touch-screen), I have found it to be quick and responsive. It is actually faster and more responsive than my smart-phone. Because it does have the touch-screen option, that is all the more reason to make sure that you buy a screen protector for this system!


  • Battery Life:
    —There is not much to report on the battery life of this system because I have yet to test it to its limits. I know that I have played it for hours without the battery running out, and thus, it last longer than my 3DS at the moment. However, because the Switch is placed on a docking station, I can only imagine that it might lose battery power in the future. Reports on battery life have either been excellent or average depending. I don’t think anyone has ever complained about the battery life of a Switch.
    But the screen AND the controllers both have their own battery-lives…so that is something to consider.



  • Game Selection:
    —The Switch is still a new system which has its pros and cons. The cons are that titles can seem a bit ‘limited’ as of right now. I say ‘limited’ because, the Nintendo eShop has 360 items listed for the Switch as of right now (Jan 2018)- but, some of those are titles that are labeled as “coming soon”, and a vast majority of the titles are indie/arcade titles. The pros of this being a new console is that there can only be amazing things to come in the future. I already know there is a new Yoshi game coming for the Switch as well as a new Pokemon game…and I am looking forward to both those announcements!!!

    But there are already some AMAZING titles for the Switch! Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, Minecraft, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, Resident Evil Revelations, Super Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pokken Tournament DX-this is just naming a few! There are also a lot of party games which have gotten amazing reviews. So, just because I say it is ‘limited’ right now, don’t be discouraged! There is still plenty out right now for you to experience and play!!!


Before I go into my conclusion, there are some additional notes I do want to mention about the Switch. I loved the fact that there is a “capture” button on the left controller for capturing game moments. This takes clear screenshots that can then be uploaded directly to social-media.
For someone like me (who blogs about games and writes reviews) this feature is a life-saver as it allows me to add images to my reviews and discussions of ACTUAL gameplay rather than pulling images from Google. It’s also just really fun to share these moments with friends. I have heard people asking this question a lot, and even my wife asked the cashier before purchasing the system but: there is NO backwards compatibility with the Switch! It is its own system and can not play WiiU games or 3DS games. It has its own cartridges and you can also download your games directly from the Nintendo eShop.

While you can choose the ‘theme’ of the Switch, there are only 2 options (black or white), but, like the 3DS, I think future updates will bring us more options in the future.

Overall, my conclusion is that the Nintendo Switch is actually a good investment. It’s one of those things that I was sorta ‘meh’ about in the beginning, but, I have actually grown to like it. Also, whether or not I like it, when it comes to Nintendo, everything is moving over to the Switch since it is a console and a handheld all-in-one. They are slowly gravitating everything over to one system…and this means mainline titles like Pokemon. The day of the 3DS is over, and they will stop producing things for the WiiU…so it’s best to move over. You can always wait for the Switch to become cheaper since there is not too much out there for it right now. Word of warning though: Switch games can be expensive!

Because this is a console AND a handheld, games can range from $40-$60-$80 in price depending on what you are buying. There is also a service very similar to XBOX LIVE which is optional, but it is a monthly plan you would have to pay for if you chose to use it. The Switch supports online play and also works with apps such as HULU. But it’s a really cool system, super comfortable, and it has amazing graphics/visuals that are extremely crisp and clear.

But what do YOU think? Is the Switch something you already own? Are you going to invest in it if you don’t have one already? What are your favorite games for the Switch and why? What are some issues you might have with the Switch? As always, leave me your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below! Also, let me know what console I should cover next time. Thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog! πŸ˜‰

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