Forsaken Shores [Thoughts]


Sea of Thieves released their new update: Forsaken Shores on September 27th 2018 after a slight delay. It was originally supposed to release on the 19th, but after realizing that there were some serious bugs and a memory leak, RARE delayed the release so that they could give players the best experience possible.

The new campaign opened up a brand-new part of the map called The Devil’s Roar which offered up 15 new islands, new commendations, brand-new lore (story), dangerous volcanoes, as well as small seaposts that are now scattered all over the place. All of this was added to the game with more coming as the weeks move on. This new campaign is permanent with only the items in Duke’s shop being time-limited.

I recently just came back to Sea of Thieves after taking a break during Cursed Sails. For those that read my blog about why I had to leave the game (which can be found HERE), I had high hopes that this campaign would be a new chance at players working together and cutting back on all the trolls and toxic players that have been taking over the servers lately.

Like other portions of SoT, I leave this as a “thoughts” post rather than a review because the world is ever-changing, and there are more things to be added to this campaign in later dates. It is always evolving, so I would rather discuss what it could offer later and the potential (as well as current mechanics) then to give a more definite look.

But enough with the rambling, lets have a look at how my adventure in the Devil’s Roar has been thus far.


  • Volcanoes, geysers, and earthquakes- oh my!

—The main attraction to the Devil’s Roar was the addition of a new threat: volcanoes! Multiple islands scattered across this new area have volcanoes that will erupt at random. The warning sign is an earthquake (which makes you move slowly and as if you were drunk- it also moves boats) that is followed by a plume of smoke rising from the volcano. After that you have a few seconds to start making your escape before the whole thing erupts! Lava burns your characters as they run for safety, the surrounding water begins to boil (so you can’t swim in it), volcanic rock bursts from the mountain, and one hit will send you to see the ferryman. The rocks will damage your ship, and the reach of these rocks is insane! You risk everything if you try and sail near these volcanoes, and they are the scariest part of the Devil’s Roar due to their unpredictability.

A common complaint about the volcanoes is how long the eruptions last. Ten to fifteen minutes you might be standing around waiting for the the volcano to calm down. Then, because the eruptions happen at random, you might sail right back to the island after it calms, only for an eruption to start up again.  I can attest to this being an issue, especially if you’re trying to dig up treasure. Because, not only are you fighting against the invisible timer, but you also have other threats like skeletons and geysers.

Skeletons still spawn at a rapid rate in the Devil’s Roar, and even the gunpowder skeletons are making their appearance here. So, even if you find a cave to wait out the volcanic eruption, you might just find yourself in a battle like no other when five skeletons find your hiding spot.

Geysers can open up anywhere on the island…and when they do, they shoot your character into the air. You take some massive fall damage, and it halts your progress. You can hit the ground after falling, only to get shot into the air again, and again, and again. These geysers can also open up under treasure chests- areas where you need to dig. And again, you are forced to sit and wait until it is safe, meanwhile an earthquake might begin, and you have to abandon the island. It can get rather frustrating at times.

One good thing about geysers is their ability to destroy skeletons. Getting one on a geyser will instantly shatter them, which can make for an interesting strategy if you are doing missions for the Order of Souls.

So while the area being difficult and more for the advanced players is something exciting and expected, the threat level on the islands and how long it takes to complete a task can be frustrating, and perhaps a little on the unfair side. It’s more rage-worthy than logical, and while I have gotten used to it (personally) more and more forum complaints pop up daily expressing the same thing: volcano eruptions need to be shorter…and while I don’t agree to them being on a specific timer (because of predictability) there should at least be a range of numbers in which you can kinda gauge when the next eruption might start.



  • Seaposts:

—The seaposts offer random equipment at really cheap prices and introduce some new NPCs. They don’t do much else at the moment. It is speculated that these seaposts will be part of the new “cargo run” system for the merchants that are being released in week 2-3 of the new campaign- but as of right now they are mere resting places between volcanic eruptions, and otherwise seem rather pointless.
The NPCs are unique and offer some new dialogue, but other than that, they are not useful and they don’t even count towards any commendations, therefore I just avoid them.



  • Rowboats!

—One of the biggest highlights of the Forsaken Shores was the new mechanic that came with addition of the rowboat. None of us knew what to truly expect when it came to the rowboat. But, now we know that rowboats spawn on random islands. They can be hooked to the back of any ship, and they allow for the transport of crews and treasure to the islands.

What makes the rowboats essential for this campaign, is that they allow you to keep your ship at a safe distance from the volcano, and make for a smaller target when trying to escape an eruption. They give you a better chance at escaping an active island with your life and your loot. But because they spawn randomly, they are a coveted item…and it gives ships an incentive to attack other players if they see someone has a rowboat hitched to the back.

Rowboats can take damage- and even when hooked to the back of a ship they can get destroyed. The rowboats can get beached (and must then be pushed offshore by another player), and they do require using triggers (if you play console) in order to row and steer. I don’t think they are difficult to use, but they can be really slow at times, and can also get beached very easily. They have been a fun addition to the new campaign, and I have heard nothing but people loving this new system. Because, not only have people been using the rowboats to transport loot, but it also adds a new level to PvP. So many pirates fill their rowboats with gunpowder barrels and sail off to another ship in hopes of doing some massive damage- because rowboats are pretty fast (most of the time if you’re not turning)! So there’s a lot of depth to something so small, and it has been so fun getting to use these rowboats.


  • The Forsaken Shores Alliance:

—What drew us to Forsaken Shores in the first place was the video showing the plight of the Forsaken Shores Alliance. We have a man in a rowboat, singing a sad shanty about those poor forgotten sailors as we watch a volcano erupt, and they are all running for their lives. We assume from the video that everyone perished…and according to the commendations, we are to figure out what happened to the remaining crew.

If you want the story, you can speak with Stitcher Jim at Liar’s Backbone and/or talk to Grace (Captain Marrow) at Marrow’s Peak Outpost. I won’t give any spoilers, then again, I’m sure you will piece it together rather quick as to what happened to that crew, and who was responsible. But, I can say that adding more story to Sea of Thieves is always refreshing. There is so much lore in this many important characters mentioned in the lore books, in the art book, in the future novels that we have yet to see. There are so many important characters (such as the Pirate Lord, etc) that we know so little about. And as this universe opens up, more and more of this is being revealed. I find it rather fascinating, and it just makes the game deeper.



  • New Cosmetics:

—What would a new campaign be without new items? The Devil’s Roar has brand-new fashions to share with those pirates that brave its waters. Marrow’s Peak Outpost offers brand-new cosmetic sets including the Kraken and Crawler sets. The Kraken set was my favorite, being based around the Legendary creature. All the new items revolve around the glowing eyes, the tentacles, and the ink. This set even has a new hull for your ship, an amazing figurehead, and daunting sails.
The crawler set is based on the infamous crab (something appearing all over Sea of Thieves)- with claws/pincers on all the items. Blue, red, yellows…very colorful compared to the kraken items. Just like with the kraken set, you also have sails and a figurehead, but there is no hull for the crab just yet.  Lastly, we have the Ashen set which is unlocked by completed various tasks in the Devil’s Roar. The Ashen ship items (and weapons) are bought via dubloons and are unlocked by visiting all 15 islands in the Devil’s Roar.

The Ashen clothing set is bought with gold but is unlocked only after you have completed 5 Gold Hoarders voyages AND 5 Order of Souls voyages in these dangerous seas. All the sets are highly creative and unique to the area. So, if the older fashions are a bit too stale for you, I highly suggest logging in for a makeover. But, while the Shores of Plenty have discounted their clothing, the Devil’s Roar outfits are much higher-priced so I really hope you have been saving your gold.


In conclusion, I really think that Forsaken Shores has been the best addition to the Sea of Thieves since the Hungering Deep. The Bilge Rat Adventures have been fun, but outside of Cursed Sails, I never thought they added much to the universe (not to mention they were all pretty easy)- but when you add story with new missions, new areas, new mechanics…this is what the players have been asking for.

Gold is plentiful in the Devil’s Roar, but it really is not for newer players, solo players, or the faint at heart. It tests everything you know about this game, and it requires a good crew with massive amounts of coordination and communication. It is trying…and that’s what makes it so fun, frustrating, but exciting.

I guess my only complaint is that an experienced player can breeze through the commendations in 1-2 days. It is a shame that the cargo runs have not come out yet, because so many people have already experienced everything that the Devil’s Roar offers. When people get bored, that’s when the toxic players come out. Because they have nothing to do, they just stalk people and cause trouble just because they think it’s funny.

And what is worse, is that most the toxic players coming out (lately) are the Pirate Legends. Even though Forsaken Shores added in a new Athena Quest, the Pirate Legends really have nothing else to do. There is still no end-game, there is nothing to ‘beat’ or ‘finish’, and when the Pirate Legends get bored, you get angry players that are tired of being sunk for no reason.

Other mentions to this campaign was the new barrel UI which makes collecting items so much easier. My complaint with the barrels though, is the inclusion of the scrolls which give you random quests. They are so easy to click on accident, and they just clog up your mission wheel—and since there is no way to delete missions you don’t want, it can get rather annoying. Other than that, the new UI has been the best thing to happen to barrels thus far, and I am very thankful for it.

I have had a lot of fun in the Devil’s Roar, and I look forward to what else they will bring to it, in the future.

But what do YOU think?

What are your opinions of the new map? Do you like the volcanoes as they are? Do you think the volcanoes need to be changed? How have you liked the rowboats? Are you looking forward to cargo runs? which new cosmetic set was your favorite and why? 

As always, let me know your thoughts/opinions in the comment section down below. Thank you all for reading and supporting this blog. I will see you all in the next one! 😉

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Joining a random crew in Sea of Thieves…


Let me be clear when I say that I.AM.SHY!

I am also introverted…and therefore I do not do well when confronted with the idea of doing anything with ‘strangers’.

But, because I wanted to get back into Sea of Thieves…I decided to try something I have never done before: Join a random group.

Sea of Thieves has always had a mechanic that allows you to join random groups (crews) so that you might experience the game to its fullest. This was something we realized when my wife tried the game for the first time and ended up locked in the brig with 2 random people while their Galleon was sunk.

But it is a feature that I have avoided like the plague because of the horror stories I have heard:
-Groups of kids just goofing off and never getting anything completed
-Absolute trolls that keep sabotaging every mission and bounty
-Groups of people without mics where no one is coordinated and death is imminent

But today was the day…I decided to face my fears and give an open crew a shot.

So how did it go?

Actually, I ended up with a pretty good crew despite the fact that a couple of the members did not have mics. I spawned in during a skeleton battle and instantly felt like I belonged there. There was this flawless transition that I never expected…and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated. And while a few of the members were a bit pushy when it came to their voyages, I found myself having pleasant conversation with the other members that had mics.

I got to explain to one member how much the game had changed…

And it was actually a relief that I got to talk at all since I feel as though conversation can be one of the hardest aspects of being in a random group due to different levels of experience, cross-platforming, and just various opinions on the game itself.
This person I was speaking with had played through beta and was still stuck with the opinion that Sea of Thieves was not worth the $60 that RARE was asking for it. But then again, they had quit during “The Hungering Deep”…and though we had a differing opinions on the worth of the game, this player was rather receptive as I mentioned all the new things there was to do in the game and all the new content coming up this month with “Forsaken Shores” just on the horizon.

They were interested in learning more about Cursed Sails, Cursed Crew, as well as the cursed cannonballs mechanic while they educated me in things like Beta and Skeleton Forts. So it was a rather fruitful exchange, and it made me feel more at ease while playing. I also found that those without mics listened carefully to what I said…and they acted accordingly when I gave orders regarding the ship.
I always wondered how a crew might be organized if not everyone could communicate with speech, and yet most of the ship mechanics went without a hitch (minus the few times we hit a rock or beach- but that was my fault).

There never had to be a strict order of things. No one was truly designated on a role…and I think that is because we were all pretty experienced players. I can see where things might need a little more direction if you’re dealing with newer players…but thankfully, that was not the case here.

Delegation in what to do next was the tricky part. Especially when you have a few players wanting to do quests, and the other players wanting to try events or some PvP. The other person on the mic decided to do a Skeleton Fort (something I was interested in as well), and as a result, we did lose one of our experienced players. This person was replaced by another member that had a mic, but the cross-platforming kept us in game chat because this PC player did not know how to work party-chat. And while they manned the cannons quite well, there was a few times they did get in my way. Still. we were victorious at the Fort, and we took off with our chest and skull because we were being run down by some Pirate Legends.

But that was only the start of the fun.

After we had turned in our Fort Skull and Fort Chest, we managed to track down the Legend again after they had failed to sink us on the way to the Outpost. We found them resting at Daggertooth and they had yet to unload everything we had left behind. A battle ensued.

We killed their crew and sunk their ship right there at the dock, and we reclaimed part of our treasure. It was actually rather fun and a satisfying experience overall. It’s one of the few times I believe that slaughter at an Outpost is actually justified. Even the other people who tend not to like PvP said it was a fun experience and really added to their night…and I couldn’t agree more. I can say it was a moment where I really felt the spirit of Sea of Thieves, and I really experienced that feeling of #BeMorePirate.

But the night was drawing on and we all eventually went out separate ways…

Despite the positive experience I had in this moment, I can still see where the open crews get a very ‘mixed’ reception and opinion. So much more could wrong where things go right…and I really do feel like it is one of the biggest gambles in the game. I agree where others have said the mechanic itself could use some work…
Some better options to choose crew members that fit your style and fit your needs would be nice. Being able to designate what kind of activities you want to team up for would be really helpful…and being able to separate mic players from non-mic players would be a great addition as well. Even if the ones without mics were wonderful players, I still prefer the communication…that is just my preference.

Would I do it again? Possibly. But would I rely on this system in order to play more? Probably not. I still do prefer sailing with my close friends rather than taking a chance with people I do not know.

Still…tell me what YOU think!

Have you ever tried the open-crew option? What was your best experience? What was your worst experience? As always, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below.

Thank you all for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog! 😉


Why I stopped playing Sea of Thieves (for a little while)-


If you have ever seen my other blog posts about Sea of Thieves, you know that I rave about the game! My initial thoughts were a bit unsure…but after that, I was hooked! By the time the “Hungering Deep” came around, I was all-for the direction of Sea of Thieves, and even bought a new Xbox so I could play with my wife.

After that, I was engrossed in the game…setting sail nearly every night.

Luck is ever-changing in Sea of Thieves. You have your good days, your bad days, and you have amazing days, then the downright horrible days…but it’s never anything that makes you want to set down the controller forever.

…well…that’s what I thought.


I was ready for the “Cursed Sails” to arrive because the game was becoming very unbalanced. With a max crew size of 4-players, you were at a severe disadvantage if you only had 3 people to play with…
A Sloop (while a great vessel) could only carry 2 people, and a Galleon being run by 3 people was way too easy to sink with how fast it took on water. So the fact that a 3-man ship was coming was great!

And the ship was great…the campaign was great! The idea of fighting the Cursed Ships was great, and even fighting the Cursed ships themselves was amazing…

…however, the other players were not so great…

Unfortunately…one thing that RARE likes to overlook is the amount of toxic players within the game. I’m not talking about the ones that blow you up and steal your treasure. I’m not talking about the ones that sneak up on you on a beach and steal your bounty…or heist you when you’re trying to get stuff out of a sunken ship. No.

I’m talking about the ones that sink you at an Outpost because they think it’s ‘funny’. I’m talking about the ones that chase you and stalk you across a map so that you can’t get any quests done…and no matter how many times they sink you, they find you again, and again, and again…rinse-and-repeat.

They don’t even get anything for sinking you…they just think it’s ‘funny’.

RARE likes to focus on those warm and fuzzy tales of friendship rather than the reality a lot of players face. We don’t all get Pirate Legends pretending to be a noob…we don’t all get those amazingly helpful crews that spawn amazing friendships. Sometimes we are just a 3-man crew that can’t find anyone to help us with our Bilge Rat Adventures, and we end up missing out on events, or end up being sunk the entire event because of toxic and aggressive players…

Alliances were a great idea…but I don’t think RARE considered how it could be abused…


The way the Alliances worked was that…when you were part of an Alliance, the other ships would get a cut of the profit when you turned in treasure. This was good for the Cursed Sails as the cursed ships were stocked with treasure and you could make a lot of coin this way. Also, you could have people all in an alliance doing different quests and get coin from all the sides. It had good intentions…but there was a flaw.

Dropping out of the alliance before turning in the treasure meant that the other people got nothing…and this was what happened a lot in Cursed Sails.

We would go into battle with a Cursed Ship, fight until we were out of supplies, then when the fight was over, the ship with all the treasure refused to share the haul and would drop out of the alliance to go turn in their loot.

We couldn’t even sink them for being traitors because all our cannonballs had been used in fighting the ships.

Time-after-time we left the battle with nothing to show for it…and worse was when people would swoop into the battle with a cursed ship and sink everyone.

In the heat of battle, a ship hunter would join the alliance, slip in among us, then sink us…we lost thousands upon thousands in gold. We could get none of it back…and after the battle was over, those same ship hunters would chase us all over and we couldn’t even do normal quests. This is just a typical day in Sea of Thieves when aggressive and toxic players run rampant…and it was at that point that I had, had enough… :/


I can’t say it was always the toxic players…

Because goodness knows the crew was often at fault as well. When our communication was poor and we would have too many chiefs and not enough indians…well, that’s when we saw a lot of problems.

I have a strict rule of “sticking to what you are good at” when I sail with friends. I have things I am the best at, and my crewmates also have their specialties. When someone decides to be a ‘hero’ at the last minute and jumps outside their regular zone we often found ourselves losing everything…and then a rage-quit would ensue.

But the toxic players were the reason I finally had to set the controller down and admit that I should not play this game for awhile. It really was bringing out the worst in me and in my crew…and there was no ‘fun’ to it anymore.

All the mysticism, the adventure, and the joy it used to bring was gone…
There was just anger and hatred, and a bitterness to it.

I knew that if I kept playing the game this way that it would end up in the garbage…and I really didn’t want that.

I didn’t even finish the Cursed Sails event…which is crazy to think about because I am so adamant about finishing everything that comes out. I didn’t even finish the basic storyline which did not even require any fighting. I just could not bring myself to do it.

But today is a new day…and this old gal will hopefully be setting sail again soon. I had my break, I had time to think about things and to calm myself…and I will be giving Sea of Thieves another chance as well as giving Forsaken Shores a try.

But I guess this is my warning to others…and maybe a little bit of a letter to RARE that something needs to change…

Either way, let me know any thoughts and opinions you might have in the comment-section down below. Thank you all so much for reading, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog! 😉

Super Nintendo Classic Edition [Review]


Release Date: Sept 29, 2017
Rating: 8/10

I was one of those kids that was lucky enough to grow up with an original Nintendo Entertainment System in the house. I remember playing Mario and Duck Hunt, along with other titles when my older Brother would go off to school.

When I was finally old enough for my own console, my parents bought me a Super Nintendo with the “Mario All-Stars” game, and that system gave me some of the best gaming memories of my entire life.

Technology has come so far since the 90’s…and this is for the better (and sometimes for the worst). While our games now look better, control better, sound better, etc- it gets harder and harder to find TVs and converters so that we can play our older titles without the use of ROMs and emulators.

While converters can help me play my N64 and Wii…there was nothing to help me rig up my old SNES…

That’s when I found the Super Nintendo Classic Edition!

I plugged it in a few days ago, so let’s go over the pros and cons of this system…


  • The build:

—So the SNES Classic Edition is a lot smaller than a regular SNES. This makes it easy to place anywhere in the home. It is very lightweight…and while these are pros in their own right, it also makes the system feel very flimsy. Other reviews have stated that despite feeling very cheap, it is actually pretty durable. I have yet to drop or step on mine so I can not really attest to this myself…but I will believe what others are saying.

The look of the console is an exact replica of a SNES. The power button lights up, the switches work, but there are some differences. The first is that the ‘eject’ button does not move, and the game slot (where a cartridge would go) is just for decoration. The controller ports are also just decoration as you pull them back in order to plug in the controller. The controller itself looks like a classic SNES controller but the texture of it is off. The plastic seems very bumpy and it’s not sleek like the original controllers were. But the D-Pad works and the buttons are nice and firm so I have no issue with it personally.

There are also two controllers included which was nice since a few of the games do have a multiplayer option.

This was where I had most of the issues with the Classic Edition. When pulling back the panel to plug in the controllers, this is where the system feels cheaply made. A lot of wear-and-tear could have this panel falling off in the future, or any sudden jerking could rip it off. It feels awkward plugging in the controller and I just wish they would have made mini controllers that actually fit the decorative ports instead.



  • The games:

—Contrary to what I thought, the Classic Edition does not come with all the games on the SNES platform, rather it comes with 21 of the best games (and one unreleased) to ever grace the platform. I have mixed feelings on this.

On one-hand, there are a lot of classic titles that I never got to play…and some of these titles are way too expensive if I ever wanted to get my hands on a physical copy (Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, and Kirby Super Star being a few)…but on the other hand, what reviews and magazines say are the ‘best’ titles can vary per person. I’m not fond of Ghouls and Goblins…and I much prefer Donkey Kong Country 2 to the original Donkey Kong Country. It’s disappointing that a lot of my favorite games did not make it to this console…but at least a few of my favorites did.

I just felt like there could have been more added. As someone that has a Sega Genesis handheld, there were a lot of titles on there and even a port for an SD card to allow you to play even more games than what was available. Meanwhile, on the SNES Classic Edition, there is no such SD card slot, nor is there any way to buy more titles or unlock any. So I feel like there was a lot of missed potential with this one. If nothing else they could have maybe created the system to be bigger so that we could play our actual hard-copy of the games on the system. So again, I feel like it was a missed opportunity that would have made the system a lot better.



  • New features:

The Classic Edition brought with it some cool features. Naturally it uses an HDMI cord, so the games are crystal clear on any TV (automatic plus). It also allows a person to play through game demos without having to randomly play the game. But the biggest feature (in my opinion) is the “Suspend Point List”.

This is the console equivalent to a ‘save state’ which Nintendo has been using ever since they released their classic titles to the Nintendo DS and 3DS. This allows a player to stop their game and place a bookmark on it. Whether on the pause menu, the world map, or in the middle of a fight. You basically freeze that moment until you feel like coming back to it.

Another feature that people really liked (that I have not used) is the ability to rewind a suspended point by a minute. This might be better for those people going for those perfect runs…and I might use it in the future, but as of right now, I have not had a need for it.

There is also an option to scan barcodes in order to look at the original game manuals. I thought that this was a really cool feature, even if I don’t see myself using it.



  • The cons:

—Again, the cons of this system are so small…but they were enough that I could not give this console a perfect score. First of all is the cost. A regular NES classic costs $50, whereas the SNES classic is $80. Is it worth it?
Considering the cheap build of it mixed with the awkward controllers and the inability to even add more titles to play…my simple answer would be: No.

They might have been able to push it for $60, but I do not think it’s worth the extra twenty bucks. Also, when you consider that you can’t even pick another game without having to press ‘reset’ on the console, a lot of it just seems a bit too lazy to be nearly a hundred dollars.

As I mentioned before, I feel like there were so many missed opportunities and a lot of places where they could have made the console so much better. I think that the Sega Genesis remakes had it right by adding in the slot for the SD card and having as many titles as it did all within one travel-sized console and/or handheld.


Overall, I still think that it’s something worth investing in. As I had mentioned, some of these titles run you into the hundreds of dollars for a physical copy, and even then, you have to have a TV and such that would allow you to even plug in the original system (assuming you still own one that works).

I feel like it’s a good introduction to some retro games for those of the newer generations while offering just enough titles for the older fans to enjoy- even if it does feel a bit limited (and leaves out some of my personal favorites). It’s one of those things where you really look at what we grew up with and appreciate how far we have come.

Again, I don’t think the price is very fair for what you are given. I wish it was cheaper, so rather than buying it new, I would first look for something that is pre-owned if possible.

But what do YOU think?

Do you own the SNES Classic Edition? Did it have any of your favorite games on it? What were your thoughts on it? What are ways you think it could have been better? Do you think it was worth the price?

As always, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below. Thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog! 😉

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GW2: Heart of Thorns [Game Review]


Release Date: October 23rd, 2015
Console: PC
Beaten: 08/16/2018

Heart of Thorns has been out for a few years now…and with the success of Living World, I could not wait to start playing it. But can I just say that it has got to be the most complicated expansion that I have played in the game thus far?

There’s so much to be said about Heart of Thorns because it was all brand-new territory upon its release. New maps, new masteries, a new mechanic for traveling around…it was something unlike anything we had experienced yet within the game, and I feel like it was a testing grounds for the expansion in the future in what worked and what might have not worked as well.

But I can say that while it can be played independently of Living World, you will be missing out on a lot of the story if you decide to skip Living World and just play through the expansions.

It’s hard to really say anything else about the expansion without going into some extreme rambling, so, let’s stop with the jabbering and get on with the review!!!



  • Mordremoth has awoken:
    —When Scarlet Briar drove her drill into Lion’s Arch, another Elder Dragon awoke. The Jungle Dragon Mordremoth opened its eyes and began spreading from the Maguuma Jungle into Central Tyria to bring death and destruction wherever its vines began to sprout. At the same time, Mordrem began popping up all over the Jungle…and it was time for the pacts to come together once more to fight off this new threat.

    Mordremoth is everywhere and it is all. Not a singular thing or entity…but a collection of all plant life that comes from Maguuma. Mordremoth is a threat because it is everywhere…and no action goes unnoticed by its eyes. Every minion is its mouth and can speak for it…its will is their will, and they are thralls for it to command. These are not risen soldiers but rather a force grown specifically for the Dragon itself. It has the advantage and has captured Traehern and Destiny’s Edge on top of everything else. It’s going to take more than just an alliance and luck to bring down this boss.

    And what Modremoth even scarier is that there was no real indication on where to strike it. Even if it was subdued for a time, how did you know when it was truly dead and gone? This Dragon had no clear answer unlike Zhaitan where we knew it was going to be a final stand in Orr. This was something on a whole other level…


  • Friend or Foe?
    —The Sylvari…newest race to Tyria has a dark secret. Born from the Pale Tree, what used to be blighted was made pure. But it doesn’t stop the fact that what the Sylvari are…is a force for the Elder Dragon. Blighted Trees birth the Mordrem, and weak-willed Sylvari, though mostly protected by the Dream, can still succumb to Mordremoth’s power and fight for him.
    They were made for him…and now Tyria is on edge as they have to decide who is friend and who is foe, and who might turn on them at any moment. No one is safe…not the other races, not the Sylvari…no one can escape Mordremoth’s reign of terror. It’s more political and racial strife like we have never seen before…and we will have to choose carefully who we can trust as we race to save our friends.



  • Deep in the Maguuma Jungle…
    —More of the Maguuma Jungle has opened as Mordremoth’s influence spreads across Tria. And with the opening of the Jungle comes new races and civilizations to interact with. There is the golden Tarir, the mysterious (and abandoned) Asuran cities…the Itzel and other Hylek related creatures all thriving in this harsh, new environment.

    There are new enemies, new traps, and new ways to die…

    It’s going to take new tricks and new powers to navigate the twisting roots, the sheer cliffs, endless pits, and the hidden canyons. Wind tunnels, bouncy mushrooms, and other such things will be needed if you are going to survive. It’s a brand-new and mysterious world unlike anything we have seen thus far.



  • A new hope for Tyria?
    —When Scarlet awoke Mordremoth, the world trembled. Wandering civilizations crashed into the harsh deserts, a great leader went missing, and Caithe started acting strange. All of this lead us to Glint’s cavern…it lead us to a vision, a warning to protect the hope for all Tyria, and through our adventures, we were chosen to carry the Crystal Egg. The egg…spawn of Glint, seer of the Flameseeker Prophecies and beyond. This egg is carried deep into the Maguuma Jungle where we awaken its caretakers, the ancient race of Tarir…magical entities encased in golden armor. Their sole purpose is to raise the egg until it is ready to hatch…and then the world might yet have a chance at one day seeing their planet not plagued by the Elder Dragons. But when will it hatch? And what happens then?

    While it may not be the main focus of this new expansion, we can see there is more than meets the eye with this tale and how it will evolve. Our purpose and plan keeps getting greater and greater…and it keeps you wondering if this a burden you can continue to bear while the people around you inch ever-closer to death in order to save the planet. This single moment and series of questions adds more questions than answers, and it assures that you will keep going just to see what comes of it all.



  • The Glider:
    —This expansion introduced the first new major-mechanic to the game: The Glider.
    The Maguuma Jungle is vast, with shifting levels and large gaps that are impossible to cross over unless you have something to let you sail across those canyons. New masteries can also unlock the ability to harness wind-currents to take you higher than ever before as you weave through branches, bridges, trees, and other such things. Once unlocked, the glider can be used on any character across your entire account. It can be used in the main campaign as well as Heart of Thorns and expansions beyond (Living World as well). The glider is activated by pressing the jump button and then quickly pressing the jump button again.

    You can only glide for a certain period of time, so there is some planning involved. You can only glide when at a certain height, so make sure you are using it to your advantage in order to reach new and unexplored regions. Practice makes perfect when it comes to the glider.

    Those that pre-ordered the expansion even got a unique glider skin…and the Black Lion Trading Company is always offering new designs for those that want to customize their look.



  • The Revenant:
    —The Revenant was a new playable-class introduced with the expansion where players could take control of Spirits within the Mists. These spirits would change a player’s skills accordingly. The class itself used heavy armor and started with a mace. The spirits that a player could use were: King Jalis Ironhammer, Ventari, Glint, Shiro Tagachi, and Mallyx the Unyielding.
    All of these figures are throwbacks to the original Guild Wars games including Prophecies, Eye of the North, Nightfall, and Factions. Rytlock Brimstone introduces the new class in the story when he comes back from his time in the Mists.

    some spirits offer buffs while others have physical attacks. Some spirits even change your form when you use their skills. There are so many ways to play the class and to choose a fighting style that works for you.



  • New Masteries:
    —Bouncing mushrooms, new languages to communicate with the creatures in the jungle, adrenaline mushrooms, wind currents, mini-games, and more! New masteries unlock the new ways in which you can navigate the jungle on your way to take on Modremoth. Like mastery points in the main campaign, they can be found by doing map completion or earned from completing the story missions. Not all masteries are required in order to finish the expansion, but there are those that are mandatory- so you will have to prioritize. The more masteries you have, the more you can do in the Maguuma Jungle for more rare goods, skins, achievements, and titles!



  • Elite Specializations:
    —Elite Specializations gave players a new way to use their class by adding special powers that were unlocked via more skill points. These new Elite Specializations were:

    Guardian>Dragonhunter (longbow, traps)
    Revenant>Herald (shield, Legendary Dragon Stance)
    Warrior>Beserker (torch, rages)
    Engineer>Scrapper (hammer, gyros)
    Ranger>Druid (staff, glyphs)
    Thief>Daredevil (staff, physicals)
    Elementalist>Tempest (warhorn, shouts)
    Mesmer>Chronomancer (shield, wells)
    Necromancer>Reaper (greatsword, shouts)

    Elite Specializations not only unlocked brand-new skills for players to use, but they allowed players to use new weapons for their classes that were not available to them before. It allowed for more character control and customization from a battle-standpoint.


  • Overall Additions:

    -New Jungle Region
    -4 open world maps
    -New personal storyline
    -Outposts for new events
    -New civilizations introduced
    -New Mastery points and perks
    -New Profession: Revenant
    -Elite Specializations
    -Updated PVP reward tracks
    -PVP Leagues
    -New game mode: Stronghold
    -New WvW map: Desert Borderlands
    -New Seige Weapon: Shield Generator
    -New Guild Hall in the Maguuma Jungle
    -Fractal chains changed to Fractal islands
    -Repeatable PvE challenges
    -New map bonus rewards
    -Ascended Equipment
    -Legendary Equipment
    -Updated interface for commanders and squads
    -New action camera mode


I have to say this again, but, Heart of Thorns was the hardest expansion between the two that we have available right now! As the first expansion to be released for GW2, it added so many new things for players to get used to…from the new masteries (required ones at that), to the new maps, to the glider, and then the elite specializations…there was just so much to take in!

Also, the final boss battle was so difficult!!!!

Story Time: When I started the final battle against Mordremoth, I was only 5-minutes into the fighting when a server announcement popped up telling me that a new build of the game would be available in 10-minutes. This happens enough that it’s never a problem…and I always have enough time to finish my story missions anyways. So, I am fighting one of the bosses in this mission (because there are 8-total), and I die. That’s when I go back to the start of the fight…the VERY BEGINNING, and then I am told that in 3-hours, my game will restart.
No big deal…3-hours should be plenty of time….

I beat the final boss with 45-minutes left on that timer. 

There are 8-bosses (including the final boss) and any time that you die, you start back at that very first fight. And the fights are not over quickly either. There was a lot of trial and error…there were a lot of cheap deaths and also deaths caused my miscalculations. There was so much to take in on this final battle, from the gliding portions to opening the rifts, from learning all the bosses attacks, and etc. Madness…chaos…and then more madness.

And I guess this accurately simulates how big a threat Mordremoth really is. Much as I loved the main campaign for GW2, Zhaitan as a boss seemed a bit underwhelming when it was all said-and-done. But Mordremoth simulates what true fear is…even his form (being as small as it is) shows us that it’s not the size that matters because his mind and what he can conjure is what you should fear.

I also have to say that this was one of the first stories (in a long string of them) where it did not really feel like a victory. It did not feel like we accomplished as much as we should have…and let me just tell you right now, A LOT OF PEOPLE DIE!!!!

As mentioned at the top of this blog…if you haven’t played Living World Season 2, you are missing out on this story. The awakening of Mordremoth, his spread, and really just the dire situation as a whole. There is so much leading into this expansion that I highly suggest you check it out.

I really liked the expansion for the story…but that’s about it. I hated the Jungle maps. I hated how complicated they were, and how everything could kill you in a few hits. I despised the mastery system and how your story progression got halted until you had learned some specific skills.
It just took so long to get anything done, and I feel like it just over-complicated a process. I can see where they remedied this in the second expansion: Path of Fire, but it really made me stop playing in the Jungle for awhile because I dreaded all the grinding I would have to go through just to finish everything.

But the story kept me going, and the end of the expansion has me looking forward to finally playing through Living World Season 3. So would I suggest this expansion? I would…but I would also warn people that it’s not something you will breeze through, and the final battle should be taken with caution because there is no solid checkpoint once you are inside the Dream.

Also, for the FULL STORY, make sure you play everything in order:

Main Campaign>Living World 1 (recap)>Living World 2>Heart of Thorns>Living World 3>Path of Fire>Living World 4

But what do YOU think?

Did you like this expansion? What was your favorite addition? Did you use the Elite Specializations? What was your favorite jungle event? How long did it take you to defeat Mordremoth? 

As always, let me know what you think in the comment-section down below. If you’re interested in more GW2 blogs that I have done, go ahead and check out these:

  1. GW2 Game Review
  2. Living World Season 2, thoughts
  3. Path of Fire Game Review 

Thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog!!! 😉

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Jurassic World: Evolution [Thoughts]


Bought: 08/13/2018
Console(s): XboxOne/PS4/Steam

Who wasn’t a fan of the older PC games such as Zoo and Rollercoaster Tycoon? I know that as a kid, I always loved games where you could build and control your own parks…especially when there was animals involved.

I can not lie that the first time I saw this game was when Markiplier was streaming it on YouTube. Even if he doesn’t take the game very seriously, I already saw the appeal. I mean, making and showing off dinosaurs? We have several movies showing us exactly how this all can go wrong…and I wanted in!

Jurassic Park was part of my childhood. Nothing enthralled me and terrified me more than these ancient beings romping around and murdering people! But at the same time, there was always that nagging question of whether things could have gone right…whether the parks could have been safe. And I guess this game lets you play around with that possibility a bit.

But enough of the rambling…though this is just a ‘thoughts post’, lets get into the meat of what this game has to offer:


  • Finding your Dinosaurs:
    —Dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago…that it to say they are no longer with us. So in order to start making dinosaurs, we first have to locate their genomes to give us a small genetic blueprint. Using an expedition station (the first island provides you with one), you can send out dig teams to unearth the specimens that you will eventually have at your park.
    Fossils give you a percentage of real dinosaur DNA that will go into your creations. At first your dinosaurs will only be about 66% authentic and viable…and this goes towards their rating (how much guests like them) as well as things like their defense, resilience to disease, and their lifespan. But the more research, the more authentic and viable your dinosaurs will become.

    Different dig-sites provide different fossils. And once you have the fossils, you must then use a Fossil Center to extract the DNA and sell any materials that you can not use. After you get enough of a genome (at least 60%) for a dinosaur, you can then use an incubator attached to an enclosure to then create and hatch your new dinosaur.

    In Jurassic Park Evolution, you can find and hatch both herbivores and carnivores. Each one requires its own type of containment and care. And not only that, but each dinosaur has its specific needs. Strithiomimus likes to be in groups of other herbivores and likes to be in large social groups of their own kind. They don’t need as much forest, just enough for them to hide when they want. But an anklyosaurus likes small social groups…and will become aggressive if exposed to large populations of other dinosaurs. Where as a strithiomimus can be held in a basic steel fence, something like the anklyosaurus requires enforced steel because otherwise they can break out.

    Enclosures are made up of water, trees, shrubs, the fence, and whatever food supply your dinosaur needs. Herbivores need feeders and the feeders vary from if you have a large(tall) herbivore or a smaller herbivore. Carnivores have a choice between their typical feeder or a live-feeder which stimulates their hunting capabilities as well as provides entertainment for guests. If a dinosaur is uncomfortable in their environment they will try to break out. If a dinosaur is visibly sick, distressed, etc…their rating goes down, as does your profit.



  • Research:
    —It’s not enough just to find your dinosaurs and bring them to life. You also have to fight against diseases they might catch. Luckily, the research center helps you create medicine to treat your dinosaurs, as well as offer other things to help your park run more efficiently.

    Genetics can be researched to improve upon your dino-formula. Cosmetics can be added to a dinosaur to increase their rating with park guests. Things like shark and sea turtle DNA can be added to increase their resistance to disease and increase their lifespan. Building improvements can be researched so that power plants put out more energy, your rangers can do more tasks at a single time, your hatchery can create more viable specimens, and dig sites can produce more fossils and produce them faster than before. You can unlock new buildings for your guests upon several other things including new fossils. Research is essential for everything you will do in this game, and you have to know when and where is best to allocate that money.


  • Safety First:
    —As mentioned before, we have several movies showing us why these parks spell out DANGER for anyone involved. Dinosaurs are unlike anything we have ever known…and even the herbivores can be unpredictable. At one point, I unlocked the anklyosaurus- and I had a large enough enclosure that I decided to add one in with my other herbivores (like what you see in the movies). Everything went according to plan until the alarms started going off that a dinosaur had gotten loose.

    Not only had my fence been too weak to support a stronger dinosaur, the anklyosaurus had gotten uncomfortable because it is mostly anti-social, and so it busted my fence to make its escape. A giant hole in any fence could have meant that any of my other 10 dinosaurs could have escaped. And now I had a dinosaur running through my park (luckily away from the guests). This is where the Ranger Station and the ACU come in.

    Both are needed for your park to function. The Rangers have a wide-array of duties from medicated dinosaurs, to fixing broken buildings, sub-stations, and fences…as well as restocking the feeders. The ACU is responsible for tranquilizing dinosaurs, and for transporting dead dinosaurs. The transport team is also the only way you can move your dinosaurs to another enclosure or sell them if you need to. These teams are your first line of defense against a disease outbreak among your dinosaurs, and they are the first line of defense against a rampaging dino and your guests. So make their construction and research (to make them stronger) one of your major priorities.



  • Entertainment:
    —Money…money makes the world go-round, especially in this game. Everything takes money. Research takes money, upgrades takes money, food and repairs takes money, and hatching a dinosaur takes money. Expeditions and extractions takes money. So how do you get money? You get guests into your park…and you make sure the guests are happy.

    Entertainment isn’t so much ‘putting on shows‘ as it is modifying your dinosaurs to look cooler and to act cooler. It also means keeping healthy dinosaurs and comfortable dinosaurs so that guests can appreciate them more and appreciate them longer. Entertainment also means providing viewing bays for your guests, and if you’re hosting a carnivore, then entertainment means providing live-bait so that they can hunt for guest’s enjoyment.

    The game provides you several ways to make money from the guests…such as building a hotel, a clothing shop, a gift shop, and fast food. If guests are coming in, they are going to spend money…and increasing your profit per minute is key to a successful park that is always getting safer, bigger, and better.

    There are things that will lower your rating…such as power-outages, unhealthy dinosaurs, poor living conditions for dinosaurs, dead dinosaurs left to decay, and of course- death of any guest in a park due to an escaped dinosaur.



  • Weather & Other Factors:
    —So say you have done everything right so far: you have found your dinosaurs, you have researched the medicine, you have provided them a proper enclosure, you have entertained your guests, and you keep everything running smoothly by employing the Rangers and the ACU. You should be fine, right?

    Well unfortunately there are several factors which could be the undoing of your park. Since the parks are located on tropical islands…that does mean that tropical storms happen. When these storms happen, even with gear to protect your buildings…sub-stations can get blown out, power can go off, and important structures can be damaged. This means electric fences can lose power…and dangerous dinosaurs can get out.

    Power can be lost to incubators, and specimens can fail. Without enough research, diseases can run rampant and all your living specimens can die. Money will dry up fast, and then you will have run yourself into the ground. Such is the nature of things. Chaos-theory…if you want to get geeky with it. You can have everything laid out perfectly, but the game will always have a moment where it throws you for a loop. So be prepared.



  • Contracts:
    —We already discussed the importance of money. Money is essential to get your park up and running smoothly, but so are the missions that provide you said-money. Your missions and contracts are how you will progress through this game.

    There are 3 factions which play a role on any of your islands: Science, Security, and Entertainment. Each one has its own goals and own ideas of how a park should be run. It’s up to you to choose which of the three you find a priority, and it does change the way in which you progress.

    On every island you will have 3 missions to do. These missions are driven by the factions, and once completed, you unlock another park to build upon and run. Jobs for the factions can be as simple as increasing your guest count, or as difficult as keeping your park from suffering a power-outage during a storm for 10-minutes. Sometimes they are very particular and have you putting 2 dinosaurs in a containment to fight to the death for research purposes. Taking contracts and keeping the factions happy is important…because sometimes they will be your final line of defense between a well-oiled-machine-of-a-park and bankruptcy.



  • The 5 deaths!
    —One park not enough for you? Well no worries, because you will be running five of them!! As mentioned above with the contracts…you will be required to complete missions. Completing missions will unlock more islands for you to build parks on. These parks (as you unlock them) are in really bad shape…remnants of the failed attempts from the movies.
    It’s your job to get them functional again. And that can be rather difficult. Expenses can climb rapidly and you will often be starting a park when you’re not ready…but you have no choice because you have run out of money.

    That means selling sick dinosaurs because you can’t treat them and can’t risk the outbreak. This also means cutting costs on some things by not adding some really important upgrades. This might mean prioritizing gift shops over an ACU unit because you really need to draw in some sort of profit.

    So it does take a lot of organization and really looking at what is more important in the short-term so that you can make your long-term goals. The 2nd island gave me so much trouble because I would have to sit and wait for the money to come in. Your funds on one island do not transfer to the other…and this is where the challenge is. On one island you might have 8-million dollars that you can’t spend because you already bought everything…
    But then on another island, you have 20-thousand dollars because you had to spend 400-thousand on an incubator and then 150-thousand just to get one dinosaur in the park. So there is a real challenge with making everything work, and keeping it running without a hitch.


In conclusion…the reason why I placed this as a ‘thoughts blog‘ rather than a review…is because this really is just another Tycoon game. The graphics are great, being able to name your dinosaurs and choose their genes is amazing, but it still feels very limited. The park sizes are so small…and you eventually run into a point where you get so many new things…but to implement them, you would have to destroy everything and start over. And there is no pause button to do this.
Demolishing and changing things around is not convenient in any way…and I guess you could say that makes it realistic…but for a gamer, it’s just not worth the effort. And once you start making a steady profit on one island and then move to another one, there isn’t much incentive to go back to your previous island except to maybe add some new dinosaurs for fun.

There are achievements in the game, but they are mostly done by performing mundane tasks manually rather than automatic. It adds a slight challenge to the game…but other than that, it’s only something you would do if you want something to go wrong, or if you want to get that 5G worth of achievements. I don’t really see the point in some of the achievements and wish there had been more achievements with better substance to them.

The dinosaurs look great, the music is good, and the voice-overs  can be fun to listen to. The database that walks you through the movies and locations is a nice touch and gives off a bit of nostalgia…but that’s all this game really has to offer is the nostalgia. Dinosaurs in a Tycoon game is nothing new, and though the graphics are much better, it doesn’t really bring too much that is ‘new’ to the table.

Would I recommend this game? Sure. It’s fun…but it’s more of a way to pass the time, and not something you play to complete. Would I say this game is one of the best that has come out this year? No. It’s more of a shameless plug for the newest Jurassic Park movie than anything…it’s a marketing campaign, and it works. But I don’t think it works enough for the $60 I paid for it. The game uses an auto-save feature and that’s good…because the game is buggy and likes to crash. It likes to crash and likes to glitch…the music cuts in and out, and something the menus stop working.
Just yesterday I could not command my Rangers or my ACU units because the menus had glitched out, and I had to restart the game. It’s new enough that some glitches and bugs are warranted…but not the ones I am experiencing for how long it has been out and the fact that it has already had patches. There are just some things that should not be happening in this game at this point (in my opinion).

But I can still say that it’s fun…just not mind-blowing.

But what do YOU think?

Have you played this game? Have you watched any YouTubers play this game? What is your favorite dinosaur? What are your opinions on the game in general? Would you pay all that money for Tycoon game? Would you want a successful park or a dangerous one where all the dinos got out?

As always, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comment-section down below. Thank you all so much for reading, and, I will see you all in the next blog! 😉

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What we know about Pokemon “Lets Go”!


It has been a few months since the teaser trailer for Pokemon “Lets Go” was shown- and thus a few months since I wrote my thoughts about the games. Either way, as the months have gone on, we have learned quite a few things more about the newest Pokemon titles…including how catching Pokemon works, the deal with random encounters, our location, and etc.

So, here is what we know now (as a whole) when it comes to Pokemon “Lets Go”.


  • Co-op play is available…and it splits your party in two:
    —This was one of the things that I was confused about. At first, I thought that maybe a person with another copy of the game could log in and then help you through your game. Then I thought that maybe someone who made a separate game-file could join into the game with their Pokemon. But then I realized that what bringing another person into the game does is break up your party into 3-Pokemon each.
    For example…if I wanted my wife to join my game and I have a party of: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Nidoran, Charmander, Squirtle, Abra…then after she joined my game, I would fight using my first 3 Pokemon, and my wife would then fight with my remaining 3 Pokemon. She doesn’t get her own Pokemon party.



  • The buddy system has 2 Pokemon following you:
    —Through the video that broke the internet with Venusaur hopping like a frog, to several videos before…we can confirm that you walk with 2 Pokemon in these games, rather than just the one. Your companion Pokemon (Pikachu or Eevee) sits on your head/shoulder while the first Pokemon in your party follows you around like in the HeartGold and SoulSilver days. Each Pokemon has its own unique way of getting around, and this is a very unique touch that shows just how much love and care is going into these games.



  • There are NO wild encounters:
    —Sorry to burst the bubble of anyone holding out hope for this one, but it has been confirmed numerous times through interviews and showcasing of the games that there are no ‘wild encounters’ in this game for you to fight. You can still run into the Pokemon you see running through the grass, but there is no option to fight them. Rather, by catching a Pokemon, you gain exp…and Trainer battles now offer more money, berries, and even Pokeballs because of this change.


  • You have to capture Pokemon like in Pokemon GO:
    —There will not be any magic button to switch your game into “classic mode” or anything else that people were talking about. If you buy these games, you will have to catch Pokemon in a Pokemon-GO style. There are no other options. You could try boycotting catching Pokemon, but then you would never get a full party, never get that extra exp, and at that point I see it as just petty. It’s not everyone’s favorite mechanic (mine included), but we have to go with the flow and find a way to make it work.




  • As of right now, Trainers do not take rematches:
    —Some people were theorizing that due to the lack of wild encounters that Trainers would ask for a rematch within the game. This is not a thing. Once you beat a Trainer then they are beaten for good. Rather, you earn exp by catching several different Pokemon. As mentioned above, Trainer battles now offer you berries and Pokeballs (as well as money) to balance out this mechanic.




  • We are back in Kanto in a game inspired by Pokemon Yellow:
    —Lets GO Pikachu and Eevee take us back to Kanto in a re-envisioned version of Pokemon Yellow. There will be a lot of similar things in this game to the classic version including locations, gym leaders, and even the enemies. But there have been some changes made such as the catching mechanic, the dialogue, and even our rival.


  • Blue (Green) is not our rival:
    —Shocker there. Blue (Green/Gary/Assface) is nowhere to be seen as far as the trailers have gone, but rather we have a new character being introduced as our rival named: Trace. He is called our “new friendly rival” and this is what got the internet up-in-arms over this guy. Comments, youtube videos, and even other blogs were raging about the fact that our mean, rude, and antagonistic rival of old had been replaced with another Dustin-or-Hau clone.
    I know I’m not the only one who despises friendly rivals. They are annoying and don’t even feel like rivals. I don’t want someone who is helpful! I want someone I hate so that I get the great satisfaction of kicking his ass at the Pokemon League!!! Why Gamefreak has been tormenting us with these squishy rivals(?) I will never know…but we can only hope they break the cycle in Gen.8…

  • Jessie and James are back!
    —Oh yeah! The iconic Team Rocket duo is back in action. They are hopping in to make sure we “Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double!”
    One of the highlights of classic Yellow Version was the inclusion of Jessie and James as characters within the storyline. They were there with all the Pokemon we knew from the TV show, and now, in these new games we can prepare ourselves for some awesome double-battle mechanics as we go up against Koffing, Ekans, and a whole lot of other baddies on their team! I am so stoked!


  • Mega Evolution will be in these games!
    —In the same trailer showing off Jessie and James, we also got to see that Mega Evolution is also a factor in these games. Up to this point we saw nothing as far as Megas or even Z-moves, so I was personally curious to see what would be incorporated into the newest games. So now we know. I have always been a fan of the Megas more than Z-moves so this actually makes me happy.




  • You can change your companion Pokemon’s clothes and hair.
    —You can pet your companion Pokemon, feed them berries, and even dress them in clothes! You can change their hirstyle as well to create that totally unique companion Pokemon! This is older news, but a feature that a lot of people praised. In that same likeness, you can also dress your Trainer to match!



  • The Pokeball PLUS is the only way to get Mew (right now):
    —For those of you who thought you would just trade that Mew from your Pokemon GO app, well Gamefreak was way ahead of you and has made that impossible. As of right now, the only way to get Mew in these games is with the $50 accessory called the Pokeball PLUS. From what I have heard, you have to include it with your pre-order in order to get Mew but I’m not sure. But the Pokeball PLUS is the only way you can get Mew as of right now…and we are unsure if this might change in the future.


  • You can Trade Pokemon from Pokemon GO.
    —You can trade Pokemon from your Pokemon GO app to Pokemon Lets GO, and this also works vice-versa. In fact, with the purchase of Pokemon Lets Go and then linking your Pokemon GO account, there is a special Pokemon waiting for you in the app. We are still not sure what this Pokemon is.
    When you take Pokemon out of the Pokemon GO app, they are gone from the app forever…so choose wisely. Also, it has been rumored that shiny Pokemon and legendary Pokemon can not be traded, and it has been rumored that if you do try and transfer a shiny Pokemon that it just becomes a regular-colored Pokemon. But I can’t be certain if this has been confirmed.
    What we do know is that when you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon GO, it is placed within a special park within the game. You must then access those parks via Lets Go and then re-catch the desired Pokemon within your game of you want it in your Pokedex or your party. Difficulty is determined by CP, and the higher the CP the harder it is to catch that Pokemon.


  • Pikachu and Eevee do not evolve!
    —One of the questions that people are always asking (and it gets annoying since it has been answered so many times): “Does Pikachu/Eevee evolve?” NO!!! No,no,no,no! These Pokemon do NOT evolve!
    Just like in classic yellow version, the companion Pokemon do NOT evolve…and in this version, you can’t just abandon them in a box either. The whole point is to keep them with you…love them and train them. Don’t like it? Well too bad…
    As someone that played classic yellow version, this mechanic does not bother me. But for those who train Pokemon competitively and think of Pokemon as just stats and numbers, well I would be able to see their frustrations.


  • You may only use Kanto Pokemon and their Alolan Variants:
    —Again, hate to be that buzzkill but there will be no using that Tyranitar you love so much, or that Hydreigon that you bred to perfection. The only Pokemon you can use in these games are the Kanto Pokemon and their Alolan variants. That’s right! Nothing but the original 151. Also, right now there has been no mention of being able to use Pokebank…so don’t even bother bringing it up.
  • Battles look to be local-only:
    —As of right now, the only battling we have seen between players is local-only. There was mention of online battling and trading, but those will utilize the Nintendo Switch online service which will charge a yearly fee.


So this is what we know of the games thus far…and can I just say that, rather than spam your questions on every Pokemon fan-page, instagram post, Twitter post, etc. Why don’t you do your own research? There are so many videos showcasing the game that are easy to find because they are linked to the official Pokemon Channel on YouTube.
There are blog-posts a dozen with theories and confirmed facts about the game…so take some time and read before you go asking all the questions that have been asked before, or you ask the questions that the trailers have clearly answered for us. :/

This will be my last post on this series until the games come out UNLESS something major comes out of it.

Trailers for this game can be found down below! Thank you all so much for reading, and I will see you all in the next blog! 😉

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