Where World-of-Warcraft went wrong (opinion).


I can already see people racing to the comment-section…people ready to type: “They went wrong when they went farther than Vanilla!” OR: “Warlords sucked! So terrible!” OR: “They don’t even follow their own timelines and canon! That’s where they went wrong!!!”


This blog post isn’t about any of those things actually…
I will admit that Blizzard has taken some strange directions when it has come to the World of Warcraft series. I have my own opinions of what expansions were good, what ones were bad, and what ones get a real-stink even though they were decent. Also, like other people…there are mechanics I enjoy and others I find a waste of space and completely useless. HOWEVER! This blog was something I have actually given a lot of thought to. It was something I was considering a long time ago when I was writing the versus post on GW2 versus WoW and how they each compete with one-another.

So, all other personal opinions of Good/Bad aside…here is where I think the World-of-Warcraft really went wrong.

New Content gets shoved down your throat making older content irrelevant!


This is it! This is the major problem with World-of-Warcraft!
And if you’re confused or even rolling your eyes at me…at least allow me to explain:

When I first started playing WoW, I was playing the trial right before the release of Cataclysm. I got to level 20, wandered around…a few weeks later Cataclysm was released and BOOM! The entire terrain was different! I was confused!

Suddenly there are new quests talking about the Twilight Hammer or some nonsense…but then there are quests talking about demons and Legion? A friend looks over to me and says: “Oh, you’re doing Burning Crusade quests now. Those were pretty fun.”

Burning Crusade? Already? At level 20? When did I finish out the campaign of the main game? Was there even a campaign?!?

Do you see what I mean?

I had no idea that I had moved into the first expansion. Was it mixed with the vanilla version of the game? Was this what was happening with Cataclysm? Were there some quests I could no longer do because I was so many expansions in? Did having new expansions mean you could not play old content??? None of this was explained to me…and needless to say, this would not be the first time these issues had me lost in the sauce.

At some point that same friend that said I was in Burning Crusade mentioned that…due to Cataclysm, I would never see the world as it had been before…and this actually really upset me. I feel like I really missed something amazing. But, I kinda had no choice. I just had to roll with it.

Then there was the issue with trivial quests.

I did not know that WoW did not really have you “on the rails” and that you could pretty much go anywhere and do anything (to an extent). I just did quests which lead me to new quests, which lead me to new areas, and etc. So, around the time I had reached lv.60 on my main character, I was in Outlands and was having an issue with leveling up.

But it should have been no big deal, right? I thought that the higher level you got, the longer it took to get to the next level. I thought that was part of the ‘challenge’ of the game.

But I guess it wasn’t…

One day a different friend of mine asked what level I was. I replied: “I am 65 right now.” and his response was: “You’re still lv.65? You should have been maxed out by now. What the hell have you been doing?”

He was rooming with me at the time so I showed him where I was in Zangramarsh. He was flabergasted: “What? Why are you doing low-level quests? No wonder you aren’t leveling up. You need to head to the higher-level areas.”

Low-level quests? I didn’t know there was such a thing. I tried telling him that I was doing the quests in order- and then I also mentioned that these low-level quests were giving me upgraded gear to which he said: “Just dungeon. You get much better gear and will level up a lot faster. It’s better than questing.”

If it was better than questing, then why make the quests? If I was just going to skip whole sections of the game once quests became low-level, then why have them?

This was where I started to see that the player-base of WoW really must not care for the lore of the World or even the stories in the game. Because, I was merely following the quests to hear the story…to learn about the characters and to help out the NPCs of the world. I also did it because it earned me reputation…it got me achievements…but if I were to talk to people about it, they would just tell me that doing all of these things was just a waste of my time.

…and what REALLY frustrated me was when I was being told these things by people that had been playing since Vanilla. They had been there since the beginning. They had played all these areas before. Because they had already experienced it, of course skipping it seemed like no big deal to them. But, for someone who was new (like me) and who did not know the lore, the story, the history (also me)- skipping it just seemed like a waste of a game. Why buy it and play it if all I am doing is skipping huge chunks of it to catch up to the rest of the players?

Catch up to the rest of the players or you’re just wasting time and space.

That was what I was quickly learning about the WoW community and how it ran. There is never a chance for new players just to enjoy themselves and to experience old content without being judged in one form or another. Unless they are unlocking mounts or trying to get some gear for TMog purposes…exploring old areas and doing trivial quests just seems completely stupid and taboo to most players nowadays.


But then there came a moment when I realized something…

I was on a new character and had made it to lv.83 (or something close to that) when a guild-mate asked if I wanted a run through the Ice Crown Citadel. He said it would give me some cool gear and maybe a mount if I was lucky, so, I agreed. That’s when he said: “Meet me in Old Dalaran.”


After explaining to him that I did not know where Dalaran was, he told me that it was okay, I just had to meet him in Orgrimmar and he would show me how to get there. So, I met him there, and he ran me down into The Drag where supposedly, I should have seen a portal to lead me to Dalaran. There was no portal.

He told me that was really weird. There should have been a portal there. That’s when he decided to do an experiment. He flew me to where the Pandaren were camped in Orgrimmar and he asked me: “Do you see a portal here? There should be a balloon tied to it?” I did not see anything.
I told him this and he just said it was strange. He thought maybe it had glitched. But, either way, he found a way to get me to Dalaran and told me to link my Hearthstone to it so I did not get lost.

Well…long-story short, we beat the Citadel, and, I spent a long time in Northrend doing quests and such. At a certain point in my questing (and leveling), I was given a mission. I think it was lv.85 when I was asked to go back to Orgrimmar, to watch a cinematic about Thrall on Mt.Hyjal and then speak with Garrosh etc etc. Suddenly…guess who could see portals? Me.

Turns out that at certain levels, you get special quests that try and advance you. These quests allow you to see portals only when you have done the prerequisites to visit those places! Quests are essential to unlocking content!!!!

And knowing that…it kinda pissed me off. All the time I was told to blow-off quests, all the time I was basically told just to hire mages to port me wherever. I just don’t consider that to be gaming…I consider it lazy. But, I realize it’s not really the community’s fault. They have been shaped by WoW’s poor design. They have been shaped by all the new content being shoved down their throat…and it has made them think that if they aren’t playing with everyone else then they aren’t really playing at all.

That’s why we have new people joining and immediately boosting their characters to lv.100. That’s why a bunch of new people that get recruited by their buddies get shoved into Heirloom Gear and then think the game is way too easy. This way they can hop right into the new content without giving a second thought to the old content.

So I really think the World should make a change…


…and by making a change, I think they should really start separating their content so that old content stays relevant and new content can still be enjoyed without having it feel like it is mandatory to jump into right away and skip everything else.

How would they do this? I really do not know.

Guild Wars 2 has a way of doing this quite well I think. They have quests that you can do at your leisure, but then they separately mark a campaign quest that lead you along a type of story. I guess if WoW had anything like this, it would be like the way you progress through Legion. If the rest of the expansions were made to fit this model and separated into their own zones…people could still get the story, unlock what they need to, and it could still have some importance to it (all the while they could still skip unnecessary questing if they wanted to).

But instead…you are shoved into a World where you have your starting quests, then you have to find quests to keep exploring, then at some point you are too high a level to do anything other than trivial quests. Then a guide starts blinking telling you sections to travel to so that the quests are at your challenge level, rinse and repeat until you reach max level and/or you’re playing the new content. Meanwhile 90% of the game is going untouched…

I understand this is me just being picky. I like being organized…and I like it when other things are organized as well. There have been ways that I have fixed this “issue” merely by level boosting one character to play the new stuff while my old characters enjoy the old stuff. But, it’s a lot of juggling…and it can be a hassle.

Then you have people like my wife that just like to explore. But then she sees all the new stuff she cant have unless she rushes ahead and into areas she is not comfortable with – and then she has friends that want to play with her but then laugh because she doesn’t like to dungeon and is only in her 20’s as far as level goes, and she doesn’t use Heirloom Gear to basically cheat her way out of having to grind.

But this is where I think WoW went wrong…
Will they ever fix this? No. I can never see it happening. It would take too much time on their part, too much effort…and they would have to shut down whole zones which they would never do. They never even fixed flying in Silvermoon City so why would they bother to do this?

But…all of this aside…I still love WoW. I play it how I see fit, and if people don’t like it, they can kiss my ass because I’m paying $15-a-month to ENJOY the game, not make it into a chore.

Still, lemme know what you think in the comment section down below! Thanks so much for reading, and, as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉



Petscop- Fake game with a REAL message!


I know I tend to be behind the times, but here recently I watched a game theory video on a fake game…but one that had a very REAL message to it.

Video games (like any other form of media) has the potential to tell a story…one with meaning: like teaching morals or asking the deeper questions about life. Petscop is no different in that it tells a story…it has a message behind it to be shared with everyone, but: What exactly is that message?


Petscop has become all-the-rage on the internet…especially since The Game Theorists covered it on their channel and popular series called “Game Theory”- and it appears to be a game that tries to emulate something that is possessed. At first glance, Petscop is nothing more than another internet Creepypasta and it follows the typical train of events with any ‘haunted game’:

  1. Guys finds a game he has never heard of…
  2. Guy plays the game to film “proof”
  3. Weird things begin happening.
  4. Super happy game becomes super spooky.
  5. The end?

So, what makes Petscop so special or so different? Well, it’s because the universe portrayed in Petscop seems to actually represent real life events…and a very tragic tale that actually left me in tears…

[Disclaimer: I understand that the “Newmaker Theory” is just one of the many theories related to Petscop- and I understand it is merely the most popular and supported one. I in no way think the entire game is solely about Candace Newmaker…but I think the game does use her story as the main example to get across a bigger and more disturbing message to people.]


Call me sensitive but, I have a hard time watching or hearing of anything that results in a child’s death. As someone that knows what abuse looks (and feels) like, it’s not so much that I get ‘triggered’, but it breaks my heart when I see the after-effects of such upbringings. Not everyone is as lucky as I am (to go on and live normal lives)- some do not make it out alive at all…and Petscop seems to embody that…to show what happens to the “unlucky ones”, and it actually tells a tale of the real-horrors of abusive parenting and ‘adoptions gone wrong’.

Petscop- though so many other theories have been tied to it- seems to tell the tale of a young girl named “Candace Newmaker”.

Now, I won’t go into full details…I am merely going to give a summary. But, if you want to see the full story you can check it out HERE:

Candace Elizabeth Newmaker (born Candace Tiara Elmore, November 19, 1989 – April 18, 2000) was a victim of child abuse, killed during a 70-minute attachment therapy session purported to treat reactive attachment disorder. The treatment used that day included a rebirthing script, during which Candace was suffocated. The story had international coverage.…due to neglect she was removed from her original home, separated by Social Services, and eventually she was adopted by Jean Elizabeth Newmaker.Candace was being taken to a psychiatrist due to her attitude and behavior at home (though it was debated whether she actually had these issues) and it was reported that after 2 years, these issues only got worse. In April, 2000, Jean and Candace left for a $7,000 two-week “intensive” session of attachment therapy with Connell Watkins, upon a referral from William Goble, a licensed psychologist in North Carolina
Candace died during the second week of the intensive sessions with Watkins during what has been called a “rebirthing” session. Participating in the fatal session as therapists were Watkins and Julie Ponder, along with Candace’s “therapeutic foster parents”, Brita St Clair and Jack McDaniel, and Jeane Newmaker.
A year later, Watkins and Ponder were tried and convicted of reckless child abuse resulting in death and received 16-year prison sentences. Brita St. Clair and Jack McDaniel, the therapeutic foster parents, pleaded guilty to criminally negligent child abuse and were given ten years’ probation and 1000 hours of community service in a plea bargain.The adoptive mother, Jeanne Newmaker, a nurse practitioner, pleaded guilty to neglect and abuse charges and was given a four-year suspended sentence, after which the charges were expunged from her record. An appeal by Watkins against conviction and sentence failed. Watkins was paroled in June 2008, under “intense supervision” with restrictions on contact with children or counseling work, having served approximately 7 years of her 16-year sentence.
The story of Candace’s death was a national one in the United States, with contemporaneous reports about her death and the subsequent trial of her therapists appearing in newspapers and news magazines around the country, and even internationally.
The case also generated enduring controversy about attachment therapy. It was the motivation behind “Candace’s Law”, in Colorado and North Carolina, which outlawed dangerous re-enactments of the birth experience. The US House of Representatives and Senate have separately passed resolutions urging similar actions in other states.

…But what does this all have to do with Petscop?


Petscop is basically a game compared to that of “Pokemon” – in where the basis of it seems to be the catching of creatures or in this case ‘friends’, ‘pets’, or ‘somebody to love you’. The pets are caught by completing puzzles.
But the brightly colored top world is just the beginning…

Turns out, this place (though called the ‘Gift Plain’ on the sign) is later referred to as the “Newmaker Plain” and YOU (the player) are “Newmaker”. Honestly, the list of parallels are very long…and I highly suggest watching the Game Theory video which I will post down below.

But, at some point, this game leads the player down to a lower world where everything is dark and dreary. Supposedly this game had a note inside which the person playing through it reads and thus is able to solve some of the puzzles to get down below.

Down below there are buildings, cars, it looks like reality. Then there is a child’s grave…
There is also a place called the “Child Library” where one cannot deposit the pets they have collected, but they can deposit children.

And in this hospital, rooms can be accessed belonging to children. But two children are missing: Care and Michael. But, when inspecting their rooms, the player is given creepy excerpts. Things about shooting people in the head, things about “rebirthing”, and it all seems to give us pieces of a darker story…a lead as to what happened to Michael and why he died, and why Care is suddenly missing.

At some point the player enters a building where they are met with a mirror…and on the other side is a girl that mimics the player’s every move. On the player’s side, everything is backwards…but the text on the floor reads “Quitter’s Room” and a note on the wall when read backwards says: “Do you remember being  born?”

Now…I just gave a summary of the death of Candace, but, if you read the Wiki, the word “Quitter” is used in Candace’s ‘rebirthing’ process…the cause of her death. Candace was called a “Quitter” because she could not escape the blanket she had been wrapped in with over 600 pounds of pressure on her. She vomited and defecated on herself while the therapist taunted her, calling her a “Quitter”, yelling at her because she refused to be born and was “quitting”.

So if nothing else, this room…the mention of Newmaker…among other things, seems to link directly to Candace Newmaker.

And there are other things as well: the dates in which the videos get uploaded and ‘new things’ happen with the game. The uses of the name “Tiara” as well as the character “Care”. And even the depositing of the child into the Child Library seems to all be tied to how horrible Candace died, and all because her adoptive Mother (Jean Newmaker) felt entitled to a normal relationship with a child that had been put through so much- and the game emphasis that given time, Candace could have been okay…that with love and patience she would have been fine.

But instead…she was treated like an unruly ‘pet’, and in a sense was just ‘returned to the shelter’.

The themes of loving, and trying to force someone to love you also convey that this is a story of child abuse and the way people treat adoptive children less like actual people but more like a product they become unsatisfied with. So they get sent back, thrown away, and sometimes they even get killed…


“Care” being the main character among the ‘pets’…a child with three different versions of herself: A, B, and NLM.
A common-consensus among the theorists and followers of this game is that NLM stands for “Nobody Loves Me” and that this girl is directly related to Candace. And taking it one step further, it is my own personal thought that A, B show what Candace could have been if she had only been given a chance to have that normal life and had been given the patience and love required for her recovery. The B meaning showing that she is getting “better”, and the A showing the true form of the girl that was only trying to find where she fit, and only wanted a sense of love, security, and protection.


…But don’t just take my side, word, or ideas on it, because there is a whole Petscop Reddit where people discuss the various theories and make other ties, not just to Candace Newmaker. So, feel free to do your research and come up with your own ideas about it. I know there is a color-theory and many others. Also people tying the obtaining of CARE having to do with the daisy being a “Loves me- Loves me not” scenario. There are so many ideas out there, and I only post about the one involving Candace because it is the most popular theory and connection thus far, and the one most widely supported by the community.

Overall, Petscop may be a Creepypasta, but is also a piece of ART. It is (in a sense) a protest, and a cry for help, and a way to inform the public of a side of childhood and adoption they may not know and/or may never see…but it still exists.

My heart cries out for Candace and how little justice she got…
My maternal side wants me to rush out and open my home, just to save a child from something horrible that might await them in the future. But, check out the Game Theory video down below, and watch Petscop for yourself.

I should mention that Petscop might not have ended, with the newest videos being released as recent as May 31st, 2017. There may be more, and we still have not heard more about Michael, Martin, and other mentioned names. Also there is still some censored objects in the Lets Play that have yet to be revealed…so it could not be over just yet. So, I am not saying that this game is all about Candace, but that she was merely the beginning in a long string of events happening within this creepy game.

As always, lemme know your thoughts and feelings down in the comment section below. And do my a favor: if you have a child, hug them tightly today, tell them you love them and remind them what they truly mean to you. As always, I will see you all in the next blog.

❤ R.I.P Candace Newmaker: 1989-2000 ❤

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BioMutant: A fuzzy, new, kung fu RPG!


Originally, when I heard about BioMutant, I was not sure whether or not it should be featured on my Furry Blog or my Gaming Blog– so I just went ahead and decided that it should be featured on both!

So, the last time I ever saw cute, little, fuzzy creatures being the main stars of ANY console RPG, it was actually when I learned about TERA. Did I ever play it? No…
But, for those who love the MMO-scene, and especially for furries, this was a huge deal. When it comes to RPGs on consoles, I do not ask for much. I do not care the race of my characters so long as there is a bit of customization involved (even if it is just a difference in your appearances based on weapon or armor equipped), and if the game has a deep-story, well, I am all set.

If I want character customization, I just stick to my PC-MMORPGS like World-of-Warcraft or Guild Wars 2…but I must say that after reading about BioMutant, I am actually curious to see what more it will have to offer in the future, and, with it being on the XBOXone, I am actually considering making this a part of my purchase wish-list when it hits the market-shelves.


  • So what is BioMutant?

”THQ Nordic revealed BioMutant, an “open-world, post-apocalyptic kung fu fable,” for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.”

—But we want more of an explanation than that, right?

Well, we do not know who these raccoon-like creatures are, where they originated, or anything like that but, according to the Official Website for the game, we know that the Tree of Life is DYING.

The main life-source for this world has been contaminated, and now it is up to your character to save the world? Or can it even be saved? According to the website there are divided tribes which must now be re-united to face off against the great evils coming from the root of the plague-stricken tree…buuuuuut that’s all the developers seem to be leaking about the main story.


  • What makes the game so unique?

—The game itself is supposed to be a unique twist on 3rd person combat. The main allure to the game will be the way in which your character utilizes their own fighting style. These little creatures learn combat from various Masters scattered across the land. You can mix-ad-match kung-fu combos which is supposed to keep the combat new and always something fresh so that it never gets boring.

But, hand-to-hand combat is not the only thing that can be used to defeat the monsters of this world. There is a weapon crafting system…allowing your characters to mix-and-match parts to create unique weapons which can be used to defeat enemies as well. Articles such as the one written by “Polygon” suggest that while the weapon-system may seem cool…the main focus of the game will be the mastery of the kung-fu styles and really getting up-close-and-personal with your opponents.

Lastly, there are the “powers”. These are harder to explain and while they can be used for various things including fighting, this also seems to tie in with the way character customization will work.

  • So what are these Mutations?

—The game is called BioMutant, right? So how does Mutations work in this world? Well, according to the official website…as you traverse this work, radioactive substances, bio-contamination, as well as other chemicals will allow you to re-code your genetic structure to unlock attributes. These attributes change your appearances such as giving you long claws, barbed tails, and other things. Other attributes are not so much seen…but it is said you will be able to unlock things such as Telekenisis and Levitation which is sure to change the way you play the game. Some things may make combat easier while other might be used strictly for traversing the world in brand-new ways. But, not much else has been said or shown on this development.

As far as other character customization options, there has been nothing shown, thus, I do not think there is anything on this just yet (and there might not be). All character customization might stay strictly to the gear and the mutations.


  • Is it an MMO?

—Though screenshots have shown multiple furry-creatures in one frame, this does not seem to be an MMORPG of any sort. It is not being advertised as such. I think it might be cool if it were, but with all the stuff being incorporated, I think that keeping it a single-player experience is for the best.



  • An Open World…

—There is so little known of the game- though it has claimed that a player gets to build their own adventure in this open world. The official website has also said that the ending does depend on the actions of the players and give us a very “Fable-ish” feel to it because it claims that we can either be the force that unites the tribes or we can be the force which brings them down. The official website claims that this is an: “Unusual Story with an Unusual End” which is guided by a narrator as we make the choices which determine the fate of this world. So, replay-ability seems rather high for this game already with a limitless amount of possibilities since the world is going to be so massive!


  • Conclusion:

—So, in conclusion I am personally excited for a game like this! Open-World games have always been a favorite of mine. I do tend to get lost sometimes in just exploring (and forget to do the campaign), but, that’s really the appeal of games like this. It’s all at your own pace, it’s everything that is done at your own leisure. I love the fact that I get to choose how my story ends, and the character customization being as unique as it is…well, it will mean a lot of fun experimenting to get that “perfect character” that fits a person’s personal play-style!

It looks beautiful, the characters are unique. I think that it has been awhile since we had a good RPG set in a fantastical world where it wasn’t all online. Don’t get me wrong, I love MMORPGs, but, I miss the old days of Oblivion and Skyrim, even Fallout and Fable…and just having that singular adventure.

I am also excited because this game mixes my two favorite genres being Fantasy and Post-apocalyptic-worlds!

But let me know what YOU think? Are you excited for this game? Why or why not? What would you hope they add into the game to make it that much better? Let me know in the comment-section down below, and as always, I will see you all in the next blog 😉

Worst Dungeon Experiences #1

WoWScrnShot_080717_165935Tirntzul- my main
Heroic Lich King Dungeon

Since I have been on some serious hype with MMOs lately, I thought it would be funny to talk about my worst Dungeon experiences while playing MMOs (specifically World-of-Warcraft). Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that eventually I will get some GuildWars2 stories in here as well…but for now, World-of-Warcraft will suffice for all my groaning-and-head-shaking-needs.

For those that may not know, Dungeons and Raids are the lifeblood of World-of-Warcraft. They provide the best gear, secret mounts, basically all the best loot. Raids offer more and are harder in difficulty…but for casuals like me, dungeons are very fun as well.

Luckily for me, Blizzard has provided people with a way of finding a group to play with when no one else is online (or like me they just have no friends *cough*)…but, it’s not perfect. Sometimes when using the Dungeon-finder, you will end up in a group that has already finished the dungeon or they are on the last boss. Sometimes, you end up with a group of people that want to run the dungeon as quickly as possible, but not do the quests associated with the dungeon. Frankly, sometimes you just end up with a group of complete assholes! But occasionally, you end up with a really awesome group that makes you love playing with other people…

But we’re not talking about that last group today. Today we are talking about my worst-ever dungeon experiences within the World of Warcraft!


  • Worst Dungeon #1: Didn’t do YELLOW damage!

—I am a late-bloomer when it comes to playing WoW. I started a trial version right before the release of Cataclysm. So, for 20 levels I was playing in the old Lich King expansion, then, after Cata was released, I logged in to a brand-new Azeroth that I had not been in before. Then, there was a patch after “Mists of Pandaria” which changed the way skills worked! I played a Fury Warrior- only good for DPS. But, after all my skills were moved to the new glyph-grid-bullshit…well, the whole class just became foreign to me. Still, I thought that running a few dungeons might actually help me learn to play my class again.
The dungeon-finder kept sticking me in the same Lich King dungeons over-and-over again (literally the same frickin’ dungeon). Things were actually going really great for awhile. I was getting some really good gear, and the monsters were dying so, I thought everything was going really well. But, then I started getting put into the same instance group (same group of people) over-and-over again- and after not even completing half of the dungeon the 1st time with them, they booted me! But, the dungeon finder kept spawning me into their group, and every time I was instantly booted again! I could see their party chat, and their reason for booting me? It was because I was not doing YELLOW damage! Even though I was still killing enemies and no one was dying or even getting close to it, I was being booted for not being a master at my class and not having high-enough numbers for DPS. I guess I understand it more now since I play Arms and actually track my numbers…but back then, I had no clue why I was being booted, and when I tried asking for help, I was laughed at. I did not dungeon for awhile after all that. It really affected me for some reason. That group was a bunch of assholes.




  • Worst Dungeon #2: Lazy Rogues & DUH!

—Once I started playing more on the Horde-side of things, I found that I was usually pretty lucky when it came to dungeons. Most people I got partied with were adults that had run these dungeons 1000 times before, so, they knew what they were doing. But this time…this time was different. On my main Troll, I got spawned into this plant-like dungeon full of demons and lashers. Also, there were a lot of these intestine-looking things that pooped out maggots that you had to fight.

So, the Tauren-Tank (who was actually our healer but took on the roll of tank since the rogue that claimed to be a tank could not actually tank) was a Druid and, he was creeping through the dungeon to try and avoid pulling as many mobs as possible. But, the dumbass Rogues in the back kept pulling hordes and getting us killed because they did not want to follow the Tank. They were falling off of ledges and pulling mobs, or, they would run and attack an enemy and then pull more enemies just because they wanted to. It was getting stupid, and both the tank and myself kept yelling at them in the party-chat to knock-it-off/ but they never responded.

At some point, these stupid rogues got themselves killed right by one of the maggot-spawners. But, instead of doing the logical-thing and releasing their spirits so that they could run back to us, they decided to lay there by the spawner and yell at the Druid to rez them in the party chat. This meant that I had to go and kill maggots SOLO to keep the Druid from engaging in combat so that he could rez these assholes. After they were alive again, the Druid gave them a scolding about how they were stupid and lazy assholes. They said a quick “fuck you” and then we continued. We only had one boss left, but, since we had to run all the way back to get the lazy-rogues the Tauren had gotten turned around. At one point he saw a portal at the end of the dungeon and told the party that the final boss was through it and then ran through *faceplam*.
Even I knew that they just took themselves out of the dungeon, and sure enough, even though I had not run through, everyone was teleported back to where they had been before the dungeon-finder had put us in an instance group. So now everyone is asking where the final boss is, wondering why they left the dungeon, and someone actually had the nerve to ask me if  was coming back to the dungeon.

I left that instance group – too much stupid for me to handle.



  • Worst Dungeon #3: Who is the Leader?!

—Another shitty dungeon-run was when I got pulled into a group to go through Blackforge- and I was still playing as my Troll-Arms Warrior. So, as soon as I get into this group, a troll has been toggled as the leader and he runs ahead of the group to start pulling and killing mobs. This is obviously the Tank, right?
Since this Troll is the Tank, myself and another player follow him until I suddenly realize that we are missing the rest of our party. We have at least 2 players that are not with us, and the map does not show them at the starting point either.

Then the instance-chat starts blowing up with this mage-guy yelling at us: “You’re doing it wrong! You’re getting no completion!” So, I ask who the leader of the group is since I am DPS and was just doing my job and following the Tank. Well, Mr.Mage claims that he is the Leader of the group and he tells us all to go back to the beginning of the dungeon to take a Teleporter. Not wanting to argue, we listen to him, then we hop down a ledge (it’s a shortcut to the boss), we kill a boss, and then we are swamped by a mob and killed.

Rinse-and-repeat. We keep trying and are killed another 3 times in the same fashion. Was was this happening to us? Turns out it was because our healer was not doing their job and healing people!!! They weren’t even healing the Tank which is pretty much their whole job -_-
So, we all vote to boot the inactive healer, we get a new one, and we press on. Well, we go and kill a 2nd boss and now the dungeon is ‘complete’, but, I still have not completed any of the quests. Suddenly, I am being asked to join the party in another dungeon. Well, I declined because I was trying to tell them that I still needed to do the quests. The impatient bastards booted me instead of letting me type. Their loss.



  • Worst Dungeon #4: Where the hell are you going & more inactive healers

—So, I tried finding an image for this section and looked up: “World-of-Warcraft Worst Tank” on Google Images. Funnily enough, a bunch of Lich King Dungeons appeared which is ironic since this happened in a Lich-Dungeon. In fact, I think most of my worst-Tank and Healer stories come from Lich-King dungeons which is why these two stories are mixed together. So, these two stories are so short I had to slap them together…but the first one concerns a terrible Blood-Elf Paladin. So, this guy was trying to run us through a Lich Dungeon that he was obviously unfamiliar with. He kept running in circles, would pause for long periods of time. He would make leaps of faith off of ledges and then die because the height was too much…and he took half our party with him because he was the Tank! We followed him! Not only that, but when he would get “lost”, he would run around pulling mobs but not using any of his skills. DPS would run in to the rescue, but he was not pulling aggro, so DPS was getting wiped out hardcore. I don’t think I have ever yelled at my screen that much…EVER! Oh, but he did keep typing in “Sorry” <- ’cause, you know, that fixes everything -_-

Second story…not that impressive. But, it was my first heroic-dungeon. People were doing the time-walking event and I got pulled into a heroic dungeon without knowing it. So, I am familiar with this dungeon, I have run it 2-3 times on normal difficulty. I’m doing what I always do…and I am getting my ass-handed to me. That is to say that I kept dying!!! But, not only was I dying…no. The other DPS person was dying too! But, guess who was not dead? The Tank. He wasn’t even being healed! In fact, he was a Druid, he was bringing the DPS back to life while the healer just stood there and did little healing spells on himself and everyone around him. Then he just…stopped moving?

I dunno how to explain. He had not timed-out or lagged out because he was typing us. In fact, he was still casting spells. But, he just stood outside the boss room while we all fought the boss…DPS died AGAIN! The Tank brought us back to life, and the party voted the Healer out because…wtf was he doing? I mean, he wasn’t healing so, what is he good for? I think I was less frustrated and more confused as to what was going on. But, for a Heroic Dungeon, I feel like that run was embarrassing, despite the achievements we all got.

Exith-my Fury Warrior

First-ever dungeon back in 2010

  • Worst Dungeon #5: Bad Toad~

—So this story is 100% my fault because I was a dumb n00b.
So, when I first played WoW I never did ANY Dungeons, NEVER! I did not do my first dungeon until I was lv.46-47, so, of course I had no clue what I was doing! So, my ex’s family decided to take me through a dungeon to try and teach me the ropes and to get me some decent gear. I don’t remember where it was or what we were doing, but my ex’s Sister was playing as her Rogue, and my ex’s Mother was a Druid. They were running me through this place and my only order was to not touch anything. Did I listen? Not really…
I tried charging in, thinking I could help with enemies and I got destroyed. Then I touch an orb-thing, spawned a boss, and got myself killed. At which point my ex’s Mother called me a “bad toad” and made me stand so many paces behind them so that they could finish running me through this place.

As you can see, they were not too impressed with me being in that dungeon because Mizumi says: “Click it. You’re allowed in the Circle now.”
Yeah, it was a pretty terrible run because my dumbass had no idea what a dungeon was.

I didn’t know the difference between regular monsters or elite, and I kept running off to mine stuff which often got me swamped by mods and killed immediately. Needless to say I wasn’t very smart, but, in my defense, they never really explained dungeons to me either and even at lv.47 I had no clue what I was doing because I only ever did PvE.


So that is all I have for this particular section.

I may sound salty about it all…but I do understand it is just a game, and some of these things make me laugh now more than they make me frustrated. I know some people just aren’t that good at the game. There are others that are more casual than myself and they will either get better or they will quit and move on to a different game. That’s just how the cycle goes. Still, I find these entertaining and it shows how far I have come as a gamer.

I will most likely have more stories in the future…but for now, that is all she wrote. But hey! Lemme know what your stories are! Tell me about your worst dungeon-experiences in the comment-section down below! Doesn’t even have to be WoW, it can be from any game with raids, dungeons, fractals, whatever!!!

Thank you all for tuning in, and, as always, I will see you all in the next one 😉

GW2 Path of Fire has been announced!!!

This is the official announcement video for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – for those that might have missed it. I myself managed to somehow get online just in time to watch it LIVE, and I was bouncing in my seat the entire time.

I don’t know how else to explain it other than: THIS IS HOW YOU HYPE AN EXPANSION! ALL ABOARD THE FUCKING HYPE TRAIN!!! *cough* Pardon the language, but in all seriousness, there wasn’t a single part of me that wasn’t excited the whole way through this announcement. Sure, there are some things that I look at now and think they might not be so great…but overall, I can’t wait for this expansion. And the best part? I don’t have to wait that long because the official release date for this expansion is September 22nd, 2017! That’s a little over a month!

While the announcement explains everything you need to know, I figured that as a person that blogs about games, I might as well talk about the things that I liked, things I didn’t like, and etc.

  • The location:

—I already figured that we were heading back to Elona, and, while at first I was bummed, this trailer and announcement reminded me all the things I loved about Elona ad why Nightfall was so beautiful. They really made this work with different biomes and such so that the desert is so much more than the standard sand and the occasional oasis. Also…history. ArenaNet made it their job to really appeal to fans that loved the original games without leaving newcomers (and new players) in the dust like they did with GuildWars 2 vanilla.The story people said they will catch people up on everything that happened 250 years ago and the in-between which I think is a wonderful thing.


  • The mounts:

—So, the mounts look cool. I am a lot more impressed now that I know that each one is needed in some way. My only concern was that they be ‘affordable’. But, there was good and bad in this announcement because it looks as though your character will automatically receive these mounts- but the bad news is that it is more mastery-system bullshit. I am not a fan of the mastery system in GW2. I think it is unique and good for extras after a player has beaten the campaign, but, all by itself, I think it sucks that it is needed for story progression…and with mounts being something that it essential, it means the grinding for them will be super tedious and time consuming. How many levels of mastery will you need to get them all? Will they even give you enough mastery points to play with or will it be like vanilla where all your characters must go through the campaign at least once? I’m super hyped for the mount’s abilities, the fact they are made for exploration and even have an entering combat move…but I am not thrilled that they were put on a mastery system.

  • New specializations:

—The specializations was where I started to lose a little bit of hype. They seemed a little boring to me, and, some of them did not even make sense. I am still new to Elite Specializations. I have not even fully unlocked my own Elite Specialization from the HoT expansion so, I do not even know how they really play. But, I was not the only one disappointed. The four classes I think got the best deal was the Elementalist, the Thief, the Revenant, and the Warrior. The rest I saw as a little lack-luster. I liked that the thief could now have a rifle and deal great damage from a distance. I was never a fan of the thief class but now it makes a little more sense that it is following a more “assassin” approach. The warrior can now cut the magic off of enemies, and that will help them out a great deal. This will also help out other allies that are of a melee class. I mean, magic is a pain, and enemies can decimate you in minutes with magic…so this just made sense.

Now, the Revenant…I never liked the class and thought it was a flop. The spirits they gave you had very poor powers (I only liked one of them), and I did not see PoF making them any better, but they surprised me. The new Renegade Charr spirit looks AMAZING! Blasting arrows into a portal just for that portal to open up behind your enemies…calling in spirits from the former warband to attack as allies. It’s really cool stuff. Then finally, you have the Elementalist. Not only can they wield a sword now (badass) but they can now harness two powers all at once! They can combine them now too! So, two fire skills, two water skills, and then a fifth skill which mixes the two together for a massive blow!!! What is not to love, right?

But the rest just seem…boring? The guardian class has now become more of a buff support than just a tank, and I don’t see people being very happy with this. The necromancer seems alright, it’s just a different play-style. They said they made the Mesmer more able to melee which I liked, but the whole ‘camo’ thing was not so impressive…
I will admit that I am curious how the Ranger power will work. It seems cool, but I worry that the skills you get from combining your spirit with your pets will be very weak compared to current combos of the Ranger…and then wtf were they thinking with the Engineer? I like the idea of bending light and being able to use different weapons all in a  fluid stream. But, I don’t like the idea of my character exploding if it remains in a form for too long. Engineers are already squishy, so why would you make them blow up? I feel like their new specialization focused more on their invention belt-thing…their elixirs and such. I’m just a simple turret-gal which is why it just did not appeal to me.
They say it’s just a ‘new way to play’, but, I have feeling that these new enemies will be molded around taking advantage of the new specializations…making it essential for players to eventually learn how to use them rather than their regular fighting style.


  • A standalone game:

—I was super happy to find out that Path of Fire would be it’s own game. Sure, it’s an expansion, but the creator said it could be played without a player having to own GuildWars 2 vanilla. This is because it takes place in Elona. I actually was happy about this…not because I don’t like GuildWars 2, but because I think it is a throwback to the original games. GuildWars had 3 games: Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. Each was its own standalone game…and then there was one expansion which worked for all three games which was Eye-of-the-North.
Some people (like me) had all the games, and other people only had one or two. Nightfall was super popular, it was almost as popular as Prophecies was. Much as I love the main area of GuildWars 2, I did feel that it left out a lot of players by keeping to an area centered mostly around the lore for Prophecies. So, in having this new expansion as a stand-alone game, it can bring in fans of Nightfall without making them go through vanilla where they would be highly out of the loop. Also, for those that may not have liked the main campaign of Guildwars 2, this is another chance to try something that is maybe more their flavor. People can pick up PoF and not have to play catch-up. It’s nice.


  • The enemy:

—The enemy was something I did not expect for this game, and I was legitimately shocked when I saw that we are racing to defeat the human God: Balthazar. As someone familiar with the first GuildWars game, he was a God greatly worshiped among warriors, and among anyone wanting or needing strength. So, to see him become something evil and with no explanation…it is exciting, terrifying, and somewhat heart-wrenching. This enemy (to me) is more intimidating than any Elder Dragon/ and it throws back to us fighting a God at the end of GuildWars Nightfall. Still, Balthazar was never evil? And since the 6 Gods have been silent for so long and had basically abandoned Tyria…we are now left wondering why he alone has come back, and if we can possibly save him? I dunno, but it is very thrilling to me.


  • Pre-order:

—So, pre-orders are already open for Path of Fire, with a very basic edition coming in at $30. If you order before the launch, you get some awesome bonuses including a mini-Balthazar, a weapon skin from the Sunspears (old class in GuildWars: Nightfall) and another goodie. I myself wanna try for the Deluxe Edition which runs around $55 because it comes with more neat stuff. But, we will see. Then there is an even bigger edition for $75 which includes some gems and other small perks, but, I don’t need those as much. Still, I would recommend getting it now- and, for those that already have vanilla, there is a special where you can bundle Path of Fire with Heart of Thorns which reduces the price of both expansions versus if you wanted to buy them separately. So, there are a lot of good deals out there which I suggest you take advantage of.


So that’s all I have for this one…I cannot continue to express how stoked I am for this new expansion and all it has to offer. Now, if only I could finish HoT and then get through Living World and such, that would be great…but I’m such a filthy casual that I can only see struggling in the near future as I try and figure out how to craft ascended armor, and figure out things before all this goes down *sigh*.

Ether way, if you’re hyped, tell me why in the comment section down below! Not-so-hyped? I still wanna know why! Tell me what you liked and did not like about the announcement. Thanks so much for tuning in, and, as always, I will see you all in the next one 😉

Super stoked for GW2 new expansion!!!


Just in case you may not have heard, this was pulled from ArenaNet’s Instagram account…AND WE WILL SOON BE FINDING OUT ABOUT THE NEW EXPANSION!!!!

Can you tell that I am just a little bit excited about this?

Okay, granted…there was a leak a little while back that I wrote about: HERE (<- clicky)
and it would seem that the next place they wanna take us is back to Vabbi to see how it has changed since the rise of the Dragons. I will say that when I first saw the leak, I was not too thrilled with it. I still have mixed emotions about what they might do with a new expansion, but I can’t help but be excited just because I love the Guild Wars universe so much!

So, I figured, why not talk about our hopes and dreams for the new expansion???

  • HOPES:

—Personally, when I saw the leaked images for possible “mounts” in GW2, I was kinda turned off by the whole thing. It kinda bugged me since the world is easy to travel around as-is. But, this was me talking about the vanilla part of the game. Since then, I have started playing through Heart-of-Thorns, not to mention I have been playing a lot of WoW…so, now I am leading towards the fact that we could really do with some mounts!!!
Tyria is only getting much larger…and while HoT would be hard with mounts because of all the winding vine-paths and weird cliffs and such, other parts of Tyria that are more open could really benefit from it. My only hope is that they make some common mounts that are AFFORDABLE!
Because, with mounts comes a brand-new contest of who has the coolest, rarest, and fastest one in the universe…and even in WoW, mount prices can be insane! So, while catering to people that care more about their material-ranks than others is inevitable, I would still hope they remember the smaller, casual players (such as myself) and make some sort of mount obtainable for everyone if they choose to include it in an expansion.

I also want to go to a new part of Tyria. Not really sure I would want it to be Vabbi (there are parts of the world that are desert-enough already), but, I would love to see remnants of either Guild Wars: Nightfall or Guild Wars: Factions other than the small human settlements in Divinity’s Reach and LA. But, their heart seems to be set on visiting Vabbi and checking out the Crystal Desert. Though the video-teaser they posted is all firestorms and crazy, burning, flatness (outside of one mountain), their announcements have had a backdrop of purple crystals and pyramids. So, not sure what exactly to think about all this. Hell, maybe they aren’t adding just one new region but two? I could be cool with that…

Less use of mastery points!!! I mean, they are a cool idea (very unique), but, I kinda feel like they seriously hinder the people trying to catch up with the rest of the World. I have been playing Heart of Thorns, wanting to get into “Living World” to catch up with everyone else before the new expansion is released, and, I’m stuck. Why am I stuck? I’m stuck because I have to get some dumb new mastery so I can talk to the Exalted, so that I can continue the story! That means grinding every day until my exp bar gets full…and damn does that take a lot of time for me! It’s just so frustrating when I am right where I need to be, but I can’t progress because of a small and silly mechanic like that. For extras, it’s cool. But, for main progression? Totally not necessary…and I really hope we see less use of it (even zero use of it) in the new expansion.

Maybe a new class? I’m kinda leaning on this one because I am not sure how I feel about a new class being added in the game. I feel like use of different weapons per profession already opens up a ton of neat combinations of the classes we already have to play…but, I was seriously let down by the Revenant class, and I don’t see what else they could add. Sure, if we head to Vabbi they can add in something similar to the Sunspear or Dervish, but, I really don’t see that being very successful? Sunspear was already not a popular class, and while Dervish were really popular, they were never a fave of mine, and I only wonder how they might work as a standalone class since GW2 does not allow for a secondary profession? So, while I think it would be neat, that’s just one more character I have to make and then level haha.

—Some people have mentioned online that they would like to see a new playable race. I don’t think it is really needed. But, if we did have one, I would not want them making something entirely new…I would want them choosing a race already in the world that is not currently playable. My votes go towards either the Grawl or the Hylek. Because, if you think about it…the Grawl and Hylek have been key enemies since GW1, the Hylek being much more prominent. Even in GW2, the Grawl come to your aid when fighting in the war against Zhaitan (if you play a Norn at least), and the Hylek also help the campaign along and they have a huge role in the HoT expansion! Both are races rich in culture. The only thing is, with the Grawl, female models would have to be made. But for Hylek, they have males and females already. So, that would make for an interesting playable race. My 3rd choice would have to be Skritt, since they too have a huge part in the GW2 world and can obviously have different classes etc. They also have male/female…
But even with this, I am fine with the races we currently have, and do not feel like having more is necessary.


I honestly can’t think of anything else I would want in the new expansion really. I already love what ArenaNet comes up with, and I guess if anything, I would hope we get more “books” in the future because the Guild Wars novels are great!!! 😀

Ahem…so, that’s all I have for now. Still, I wanna hear your thoughts and I wanna know what YOU think!!! So please, tell me your hopes and such for the new expansion down in the comment section below! Are you excited? Or are you dreading it? Tell me why! As always, thank you all so much for reading and for your continued support.

I will see you all in the next one 😉

—> check out GW2’s teaser vid here: https://twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/890694487017639937


There is nothing wrong with being a “casual” player…

Something that I never thought that I would ever experience in the gaming world is all the hate that casual players tend to get. Now, do not get me wrong, it’s not like a constant flood of hate…but, it’s enough to where it can become a rather touchy subject for me as I often get ridiculed for my play-style.

As gamers, I thought we all just shared a common interest, and, different play-styles was just accepted as people are individual, levels of interest vary, dedication over obsession varies, and therefore casual gamers vs competitive never existed…or, that’s how I thought it should work. The fact that we all play differently because we enjoy different aspects of games should be common sense, right?

But, recently I found myself watching a video on YouTube from a guy named “Nixxiom” – and I really like his videos. They are light-hearted, really funny, and I especially found a lot of truth in his video about RP-servers and roleplaying on World-of-Warcraft in general. I was cracking up. Since then, I have been slowly going through all of his videos to check out some things I may not know…etc etc.

Well, this morning’s venture was taking on his video called: “The Top 10 Ways to Suck at World of Warcraft” — Now, we were all n00bs once, and, I actually likes these videos. They make me either laugh, let out of a sigh of relief, or do a mixture of the two as I recount my first few weeks starting on W.o.W (back in 2010 *cough, cough*).

But while I agreed with most of what he said, and was laughing my ass off because of it- it kinda irked me when #6 was mentioned: moving with WASD and not using key-bindings.

I know- dumb thing to get touchy over, right? I agree with you. I should not be getting so upset over something like this, but, it’s because it has been a theme lately. My gaming style has been attacked so much because it’s “not as effective” or it “sucks”. This is why I mostly stopped being social on many social-games such as MMOs because I am constantly being told how to play…and I really don’t want to. So let’s take it from the beginning…

I started replaying WoW after a year of absence. So much had changed in that time, I might as well be a n00b all over again. I started playing again mostly because I was being pestered by a friend to do so. I was avid with my playing of GW2 and, every time he came over he would say: “That’s not WoW” or: “You should play WoW”.
I don’t like to think of myself as someone that gives into peer-pressure easily, but, when this same person is over at my house, nearly every day of the week, and it gets to the point where he starts fucking with my keyboard while I am playing GW2 trying to be “funny” (never fucking touch my keyboard while I am gaming – it is not funny or cute, I will cut you tbh) well, I wanted him off my back in a way where I would not have to hurt his feelings…aaaaaand, I actually DO like WoW (I just never have the money for it), so, I gave in and started a new character on his server, and made a Troll/Warrior named Tirntzul.

Then I started to quickly remember why I had stopped playing with other people…

“Why don’t you have Legion yet?”

“When are you buying Legion?”

“You should just boost your character.”

“Why are you questing in low-level areas?”

“Why are you bothering with rep? You can do that later.”

“Maxing out your crafting is easier when you are at max-level, so do it later”

“Ugh. Darkmoon Faire is such a waste of time.”

“You should do more Dungeons.”

“Why are you playing on a different character?”

“You need to stop using WASD and start pressing numbers for your skills. You will be useless in raids if you don’t…”

I. Don’t. Fucking. Care!

I did not start playing WoW again because I wanted to be competitive. I am not the type of person that cares about the rarest gear or being on some chart somewhere. I don’t care how long it takes to complete a mission. I play for story, for substance, for questing with friends. I play because I love the World…not because I care what others think of me, or because I have this need to be the best at something. Not that I think anything to do with an online video-game gives anyone any real bragging rights outside of the internet and  interested-parties anyways…

…and honestly, I am a casual gamer. I always have been.

I use WASD to move, I click my skills because I am quicker that way. Pressing buttons just takes too long…my hands are not familiar with it. To me, it’s like learning to write all over again. Don’t fix something if it’s not broken.

So this friend was still bugging about my play-style. And finally, he settled for making me a “mod” so at least my 2 main skills that I use as a combo, would be quicker for me to execute. No…I hardly use the mod. I forget it exists, and it’s really not necessary. Clicking the side buttons on my mouse, is so much more clunky, and there is so much more of a delay. Not to mention…the mouse? This guy wanted me to get some super expensive gaming mouse to keybind my shit to. NO! Why? I don’t need it. That is wasted money to me…

So then after all this issue…I finally see this video where my play-style is considered a way to “suck” at the game / and I will agree, it might not be as good for PVP or even raiding outside of ‘normal’ / but that doesn’t mean the people that use it actually suck.

Most people that still use this way of playing might be like me, and might not even care about things like PVP or raiding…cause I don’t. I only want to raid on normal to see the ending to the expansions. That’s it. I’m not in it for gear or anything else. And after the video…I went to the comment-section to see if other people had gotten kind of insulted too. It was mostly tame…and mostly trolls, but this is actually what most competitive players think of the casual crowd. And I do not see a reason for there to be such a divide. Competitive players can play how they want…and us casuals can go on casually enjoying the game like we always have.

click 1

This was more of a rant than anything…and while I hate to have to put the disclaimer: No, I’m not a “liberal snowflake” crying because I am ‘triggered’ (God, ‘triggered’ is such a dumb-fucking word that needs to be eradicated from the planet)/ and no, it has nothing to do with my being female in any way (I got told this once and I laughed because the stupidity level was over 9000)— but like I have said in the past with Pokemon and people telling me my team sucked because I like playing with my favorites rather than grinding for months to get perfect evs, ivs, and all the egg moves and special abilities- I play for FUN!

I do not play for fame, glory, bragging rights, or whatever else it is that competitive players see the game as- I play to immerse myself in a fantasy world and just relax for a little bit. Nothing more, nothing less. I just like playing to have a good time and go on adventures with my friends. And that doesn’t make me wrong…it just means my idea of fun is a little different.

So the hate on casual players should just kinda…stop? Because it can really make someone not want to play the things that used to bring them so much joy.

Anyways, thank you all so much for tuning in. As always, if you have an opinion or thought on this blog, go ahead and leave those things in the comment-section down below. More blogs will eventually pop up in the future, and so, I will see you all in the next one 😉